A day at the beach filled mostly with tipsy old men and kosher salt.

Why can't this be love?

The  boardwalk was packed with the usual amount of old women and bums today, smoking cigarettes and soaking in the afternoon sun.  Mother and I enjoyed salad and coconut shrimp in a fake rainforest before moving to the beer garden for a Leffe (mine) and a Corona (pft! hers). Our relaxation on the beach lasted about 20 minutes, consisting mainly of bird watching, reading and rubbing on SPF 100. We topped things off with a few more drinks at Sammy’s beach bar and soaked in an atmosphere of bikini-clad waitresses and men that turned every sentence into one word (neitherofwhichiwasinterestedinencountering).

<—-This, by the way, was delicious.

In other news, the woman that hired someone via Facebook to kill the father of her child? Dumb. Reconsider posting everything that’s “on your mind”.


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