If this was a year ago, I’d probably still be lying face down in one of the mud pits.

Yesterday morning, as the sun came up and the majority of Philadelphia was just falling into a vodka-induced sleep, myself and four of my fellow employees voluntarily put ourselves through six miles of steep hills, narrow trails, and sloppy pits of mud and gravel in the Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run.

I have spent the last year converting myself from lazy, video game lovin’, cheese steak eatin’, insecure young girl, to active, still video game lovin’, broccoli and grilled chicken eatin’, confident young woman. (And it just so happens that I am in fact eating a chicken cheese steak while writing this…But hey, it’s been a while.)

Before the mudiness, obviously. Ready to go with my "Merrell" headband!

I managed to complete the entire six miles without any need to stop, slow down, or walk around an obstacle. I extend a very special thank you to my fellow servers; apparently our teamwork abilities go above and beyond the subject of french fries and sirloins.

My wonderful boyfriend let me give him a big muddy kiss soon after I crossed the finish line, and my best friend got herself out of bed at the crack of dawn to yell my name as I crawled through the final pit. I feel strong, I feel accomplished, and I am very proud of myself for doing something I never would have dreamed of (or even wanted to) a year ago.

As we could not handle our own cameras with muddy fingers, post-race pictures are coming soon.

My souvenir, that will likely be framed and hung next to the junk food cabinet:

Not so sure I'll still want those Oreos if I have to look at this first.


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