Oh, Zac Efron…you are like a fine wine.

The idea for this post has come to me as I watch Charlie St. Cloud, with Zac Efron in all his shirtless glory. (If my friend Michele comes across this post, I’m positive she will appreciate it – her love for Mr. Efron surpasses mine.) I can’t decide if it’s the eyes, or the abs, or maybe the hair.

It's definitely the hair.

There’s too much to consider here. But, in honor of my pointless hot-man-rant, here are some of my favorite Zac Efron moments:









1)Charlie St. Cloud

Hahaha. This picture I found via Google says it all! No further explanation needed.













2) High School Musical

Oh, Troy. ❤

HSM is certainly one of my guilty pleasures. And what Zac-lover can hate on those biceps and that messy hair (and those dance moves!?)? Go Wildcats!










3) 17 Again


This movie was fairly entertaining. Especially when Zac put on THIS outfit.








4) Hairspray


Come on…who doesn’t love that little curl in the middle of his forehead? Or those hips reminiscent of Elvis? Plus, Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals. Zac just makes it even better.








5) And just for the hell of it, here is what I believe to be one of Zac’s worst moments:


Please. He can  do better. I’d like to say myself, but I think Michele would beg to differ. Either way, I think she will appreciate this post more than anyone else.

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