A quick and bloody post.

Reposted from Albert Berg's Unsanity Files. Ouch.

Last week, a blogger I subscribe to asked his fellow writers to post a short story in response to this rather disturbing picture he posted (and had received quite a reaction to). So, in honor of my love for all things bloody and gory, I came up with the story below. Quick, to the point, hopefully somewhat entertaining.


Thank goodness I remembered the pliers.


The hammer I found in the bottom drawer of her dresser (beneath the socks and a sachet of lavender) wouldn’t get the job done correctly; why was it there in the first place? She didn’t seem like the type to worry about intruders. She let me pass by her in the doorway on the notion that I was there to fix the plumbing. She hadn’t even called the landlord to complain of a clogged drain.

She begged for her life a few times (I’m only assuming here) through the lace pair of underwear I had stuffed in her mouth, and may have said something about a brother or a boyfriend. A roommate? I’m still not sure. If there was one, they didn’t show up during my brief visit.

She moaned and slid across the bathroom floor like a fish gasping for air, while I hummed my favorite Mozart piece and pulled a fresh pair of latex gloves up around my wrists. I gave each one a snap (my favorite part) and sighed. I picked up the hammer and turned to face her.

She looked up at me, slumped against the gleaming porcelain and panting. The walls, the toilet, the sink, blinded me with their purity; she kept a very clean house. I felt sorry to make a mess of it.

“Now, this will only take a second.”

One swing and she was quiet. The hammer turned out to be good for something.

The panties out of her mouth, her teeth gleamed as purely as her surroundings. Just another day at the office.


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2 responses to “A quick and bloody post.

  1. Wow.

    This is quite good, but somehow I am comforted that, in real life, you are a woman. With a mind this twisted and a writing ability this strong, you should have a good writing future ahead, young lady. The “snap” and “sigh” were the best part, I think.

    I came to your blog through Anna’s thegirlinthehat; isn’t she marvelous? I am sorry to hear of your depression; I have gone through it and still do, though I think now that it’s more unhappiness than depression–the economy, my half-assed health, the fact that I’m 56 and my prospects for a new romance seem to be nonexistent, my blog is going nowhere, I suck at life…. It sounds like you know the “daily affirmations” of depression like the rest of us, except that your details are different than mine. I’m glad that you talk it out–please, please keep doing that. It takes the weight off you without adding weight to others; they know then that they are not alone in having dark periods, and are glad to help, even if it’s just an ear. If it continues, though, by all means talk to a professional. Caffeine is my Prozac, but I have a stomach that’s not supposed to have coffee thrown down it, chugged down like I’m in some mad coffee-drinking race or something.

    Your blogposts-as-slices-of-life are great to read, but, if I may be so bold: More stories, please more stories, more stories.

    • Anna is absolutely marvelous. Thank you so much for reading, and for your comment. I hope your depression stays far, far away, and thank you so, so much for your kind words. Hearing things like this really do help. I will post more stories! I promise! I promise! You are inspiring me. 🙂

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