What’s so great about a “perfect” figure, anyway?

I suppose the made-of-plastic thing could be considered a downfall...

So it pretty much ensures you look good in anything. Pft. So you never have to suck anything in when you sit down, or occasionally lye on your back to get your pants zipped. SO WHAT!

At least I’ll save some money during a trip to the mall, my wallet eased by the reassurance that I’ll only find one or two outfits that won’t make me look like I’m carrying twins.

Maybe it’s more interesting, to not be a knockout in every outfit; when I find that skirt that looks just right, or that jacket that instantly melts away ten pounds, I rock the hell out of it.

Love handles exist for a reason. Where do you think they get their name?


This post is a reminder – a reminder for myself, and for the millions of other girls (and guys) that are constantly picking at themselves. In the past year, I have dropped about 30 pounds. Do I feel good? I feel great. Do I look good? Better than ever. Has anyone noticed? I receive a virtual pat-on-the-back via Facebook about once a day.

But then the initial happiness of your weight loss sinks in, and you get bored. And you revert back to the picking.

I am not perfect. No one is perfect. I’m sure even Angelina Jolie finds something she dislikes when she looks in the mirror (look, I’m just trying to make myself feel better here). But we need to stop thinking that perfect is possible, and be happy with what we have. Life, loved ones, music, literature. A world out there that is ours for the taking. And so what if we take it all on with a beer gut?

Am I happy to have lost weight? Hell-frikkin-yes. But should I continue obsessing over it every day of my life? Probably not.

Just be healthy, and happy. Remind yourself if you have to (like I do) that there is someone else that finds you beautiful. You should find yourself beautiful. Make yourself believe it.

I think I’m pretty intelligent. Fairly talented. Kinda funny. Moderately likable and attractive. I think I look good in a skirt.

Remember all the good things about yourself, that make you attractive. And so what if my body isn’t 24-34-46? My brain is.


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2 responses to “What’s so great about a “perfect” figure, anyway?

  1. c0c0rochelle

    I absolutely love this post! its so true and depicts that beauty comes from within and people feeling confident and comfortable is the main objective. Happiness is definately the key!

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