Nutella: A Love Story

Yeah, I'd like to do this.

I was introduced to this delicious spread by a friend on a band and choir trip several years ago. Her German mother always kept a jar in the house, and being the chocolate lover I am, of course I was all in from the first Nutella-covered pretzel.

If you are not familiar with Nutella, please, please go buy a jar. I promise your taste buds will not regret it.

Definitely would enjoy this, too.

This chocolate-y sensation is mind-blowing on just about anything. Apples and peanut butter? Pft. Apples and hazelnut amazingness! An English Muffin smothered in butter? Think again.

Dip pretzels in it. Dip fruit in it. Dip your boyfriend in it. Put it on a spoon and eat it directly out of the container.

OK – so I should probably suggest here that you enjoy Nutella in moderation. So yeah, be healthy, blah blah blah. My waistline will remind me later.

Don’t bring me down while I’m still on my sugary high.



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5 responses to “Nutella: A Love Story

  1. Mmm, you make a good case here. I’m surprised I’ve merely picked up the jar and thought about it. It may be my addictive nature. (What I don’t know won’t hurt me?) Lately, only grapes in vanilla nonfat, Greek yogurt will do, so I just got some more before they go out of season. And that’s just because I can’t afford the cupcakes I want. 🙂

    • I ❤ cupcakes!! My roommate made funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing, and they stare at me every time I open the fridge. And then I reach for the Activia, lol. BUT – Nutella is a total exception to the rule. It's too delicious to resist!

  2. As if I didn’t need something else to aid me in my weight gain. Thanks a lot 🙂

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