A “Healthy” Dose of Crazy

Me, first thing in the morning. Attractive, eh?

My car needs a good wash. There’s laundry to be folded. I have 3 unfinished short stories and a novel screaming my name. The milk expired 2 days ago. Do you ever just want to scream and throw yourself overboard?

I have anxiety (me and a thousand others) and sometimes the smallest of tasks can send me into an unorganized fit. But I suppose being overly concerned about making the bed is better than not caring at all? Maybe. At least I get things done.

But that feeling is then pushed aside on the days when I can barely drag myself out from under the sheets. What then? The car remains dirty and the laundry stays in the basket. Cue the anxiety again.

I need a vacation.

Oh, so true.



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One response to “A “Healthy” Dose of Crazy

  1. I actually threw myself overboard yesterday. Luckily I dragged myself back in again.

    (Now I know why I’ve been craving chocolate cake. 🙂 )

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