A Prompted Post: The Desert Island Question

I don't think I'd mind being stranded here.

I’m feeling a bit burnt out today, and definitely not too creative. The only things on my mind are the headache Mr. Jim Beam gave me last night and the pumpkin ice cream I’m excited to try after work. (I’ve been passing this ice cream shop for weeks, with its large sign advertising a pumpkin flavor, so I’m finally giving in to its cat calls.)

And so – rather than constructing another post complaining about my creative ups and downs or the rattling in my car that needs to be fixed – I headed on over to this site and took advantage of their Imagination Prompt Generator (I felt like that needed some color).

And so the classic question has been asked:

“If I were going to be stranded on a desert island, what 10 items would I want in my pockets?”

Of course I’d want a cellphone and a boat in my pocket, but I think I’ll attempt a little more creativity than that. I think I got something left in me today.

10 Items I’d Most Definitely Want In My Pockets if I were Stranded on a Desert Island:

1.) My copy of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. I purchased it my senior year of high school and it has since collected years of dust on my bookshelf. I have always been determined to read it, and being left alone on an island sounds like the best setting.

2.) A case of Bud Light Lime. (A refreshing, summery beer. I’m assuming I’m left on this island in warm weather?)

3.) My fancy-shmansy leather-bound journal (a graduation present from Joe – it’s one of the pretty ones you see in Barnes & Noble, with an engraving on the front and gold around the edges of the paper). I’ll need to document my adventures, so I can blog and/or publish them later.

4.) My hot pink, five dollar, totally eighties sunglasses. My favorite item to shield my eyes from the sun. I can’t drive or operate in any way outside without shades, even in an overcast.


5.) All of my copies of Weird NJ.

6.) Sunblock. SPF 100+. (Notice the pastiness in that photo?)

7.) My copy of The Lovely Bones, because every time I read it is like the first time.

8.) An endless supply of egg salad sandwiches on wheat from Wawa. (I love egg salad. And boy do I love Wawa’s egg salad.)

9.) My Ipod. Even I get sick of listening to myself speak. If Sarah McLachlan can’t actually accompany me on the island, at least her voice can.

10.) I was considering bringing my wardrobe, but if I’m stranded alone, why bring clothes? I’ll cover myself with all of nature’s offerings – you know, sand and dirt and animal remains. So instead, my 10th item will be these two photos (they’re small so I’ll consider them one item):

That mullet and those braces are a match made in heaven.

Because they make me laugh and that would motivate me to wake from my dirt pile each morning and try to find a way home (but luckily that mullet is long gone).



So now it’s back to letting my brain recover and hopefully a day of fresh ideas tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!



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2 responses to “A Prompted Post: The Desert Island Question

  1. i’d have to bring 1. an eternal supply of NY Times crossword puzzles -with many, many Zebra grip ball point pens, medium black…2. my laptop…3. a bottomless basket of southern fried chicken and greens, and 4.endless cold pilsner urquell, 5. the Urantia book, 6. my (imitation) tortoise shell rimmed shades, 7.my satellite dish with… 8. large flat-screen TV, 9. a solar powered generator for all electronics, and 10. goose-neck floor lamp. as for garb? i’m with u. fun post. continue…

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