I Spit On Your Grave (And Other Ye Olde Thoughts).

Writers can kick butt, too!

Last night I peeled myself off the couch (I had been there for several hours by that point) and drove to our local Redbox with the intention of renting Paranormal Activity 2, since I forced Joe into watching the first and wanted him to see the second before he is dragged to see the third in theaters.

::takes deep breath::

So anyway, of course they did not have the movie I had been craving all day. But since I was already standing in front of the machine, 11:00 at night, hair messy, no makeup, a baggy thermal shirt with snowflakes on it hanging off one shoulder, I figured I’d get another movie. And this is how I came across the gory goodness of I Spit On Your Grave. Yikes, right?

The cover features the main character Jennifer Hills (played by actress Sarah Butler), but I opted to post a modified version of it because I wasn’t interested in having a girl’s booty splashed across my page. Sorry boys!

Jennifer Hills is a novelist who rents a cabin in the woods for a few months for some peace and quiet while writing her second book. But then she is attacked and (brutally) raped by a group of local men (the town’s Sheriff included); Jennifer disappears for a month – the men believe her to be dead – living off the land and in a nearby abandoned house, before she finally returns with a vengeance. After playing mind games with the men, she hunts down each one of them and gets her very own writer’s revenge – x10.

Of course my next pick after Paranormal Activity 2 was the gory horror tale about a novelist that kicks some serious butt. I think it’s worth a rent, if you’re interested.

However…it definitely turned me off to ever isolating myself in the woods in order to write, if I ever played with the idea in the first place. Writers’ Retreats are great, but driving into the middle of nowhere alone isn’t.

I soon discovered that this movie was released in 2010 as a remake of a controversial cult film from 1978, with a title that was eventually changed to I Spit on Your Grave but began as Day of the Woman. (Not sure which title I enjoy more!) The original film was condemned by critics for the heavy amount of violence, including the lengthy rape scene. The 2010 version was listed as one of Time’s Top 10 Ridiculously Violent Movies. So if you can’t handle extreme amounts of blood and guts, this movie isn’t for you. Even I found myself covering my eyes and peeking through my fingers at times. (The rape scene is definitely uncomfortable.) But if you can handle it – and are also a writer who wants to see another writer show ’em what she’s got – then seriously, watch it. You can’t help but cheer her on.

So! In other news, Joe and I have slowly been getting our things together for another mountain retreat. And for a whole week this time! With 2 friends and a child coming with us, it’ll be hard to keep myself from being distracted from writing, but I am promising to make time for myself to write and run (I’d rather not come home with an extra 5 pounds on my hips). There’s so much beautiful scenery to work with out there.

Also: On Sunday we will be gnawing on giant turkey legs and rockin’ our lederhosen during Oktoberfest Weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! (This post contains a lot of links…) I’m sure that will make for an interesting post.

I may also memorize some of these Elizabethan insults in honor of the occasion. Thou be a distempered bunched-backed lout!

Such elegance, even in insult. We’ve gotten lazy!


I woke up on the right side of the bed today (it was actually the left, but you get the drift) and I’m feeling revived and ready to write! Could it be the pumpkin spice coffee? It’s time to go pick up some Halloween decorations!! The leaves are changing and so am I.



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2 responses to “I Spit On Your Grave (And Other Ye Olde Thoughts).

  1. Sounds like an interesting movie, I’ll have to add it to the ole Netflix queue.
    Also as someone who lives out in, practically, the middle of nowhere (nearest neighbor is over a mile away, 2nd nearest is about 3-4) I can confirm that no-one has attempted to rape or murder me…..yet.

  2. I love your last line. 🙂

    I’m also into the more sophisticated insult (when one is necessary.) In high school, one of my friends was sitting on one of the public transit buses that were lined up to take our money, when a big lug stepped on the front of her foot. She said, “Hey!” He shrugged at her with a sneer. She said, “You swine!” and he walked slowly away, staring at her like he couldn’t process whether or not he’d been insulted. I laughed so hard I cried.

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