Putting the “mes” in “Domesticated”

This is pretty accurate.

So one “s” is missing – you get the point.

Joe’s lovely mother was kind enough to pass along her recipe for Apple Crisp to me yesterday, so I could finally do something with the very large bowl of apples sitting on the kitchen counter – fresh picked at a local farm. Joe sliced one up the other day and drowned it in peanut butter, but I have yet to touch one. But as I have a strong love of Apple Crisp, I thought it would be a great way to use them all up at once!

She emailed me the recipe, which includes carefully calculated amounts of confectioner’s sugar, baking powder, etc. So, I decided I’d go out and buy the ingredients this afternoon, and have a solo baking fest while Joe is at work.

The instructions tell me to sift some of the ingredients.

Joe: “Do you know what a sifter is?”


It’s that metal thing with the handle that sifts things. Sheesh. Luckily, I discovered one in the cabinet. Have I ever used one? No…but it looks easy enough. Throw some ingredients in there and turn the handle! Right?

I’m sure he’s sweating at work, convinced I’m going to blow up the kitchen.

I should probably mention here that I have never baked anything from scratch before. I can toast a piece of bread without burning the edges, and I can even bake a chicken breast to tender perfection. But I’ve also been guilty of putting tinfoil in the microwave, and burning a pot of boiling water. Who does that?

So I gathered my list and headed to the market, where I spent about 20 minutes in the baking aisle looking for baking powder. I even called my own mother twice hoping she would come to my rescue, but when she didn’t answer I found myself wandering helplessly from shelf to shelf, praying the words “BAKING POWDER” would make themselves known to me. Finally I noticed a small can at the tippy top of one shelf, gave a silent cheer and pulled it down.

Next was shortening, which I allowed Joe to tell me how to find this morning.

So now I have everything I need, and my ingredients await my baking skills downstairs. At least I thought of buying (reduced fat!) Vanilla Bean ice cream to accompany the yummy-ness that will soon be happening in our kitchen.

A big thank you to Joe’s mother! If she reads this, she’ll probably become nervous herself. I can only hope that I will do her recipe justice. I don’t want Joe to be the only good cook in this relationship!

Pictures of the outcome to be posted soon.

Happy Hump Day!

Let's hope I can avoid this.




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8 responses to “Putting the “mes” in “Domesticated”

  1. yummy…save me a slice…i already have the ice cream. one little bit of advice- if i may be so bold, measure everything as exactly as u can…baking requires it. it’s gonna be gooooood. continue…

  2. kelly

    This made me giggle! Xoxo love you and good luck!

  3. Nicely done!
    The first time my wife tried to cook I was also at work. She called me up in the middle of the day and simply said, “The fire extinguisher we have under the sink works.”………………………….Not words you want to hear while at work. She accidently started a “minor” grease fire. Luckily since then she has become quite the cook 🙂

  4. Ha! Better you than me. I’ve done some embarassing things to the kitchen too, so you’re not alone! 🙂

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