Happy Birthday to the Boy With the Red Cheeks

About 4 years ago, we said goodbye to someone special: A son. A brother. A best friend. A lover. A comedian and a pure talent.

Eric’s cheeks were always painted a bright red and something witty or cynical or both was always flying from his mouth; but his heart was never in the wrong place.

He wrote music and belted out songs with incredible force. He loved with even more strength. He had a strange obsession with Hillary Duff. (Still makes me laugh.)

Eric Pataky has left a mark on the hearts of each and every one of his friends and family members; he has even left a few marks on the hearts of strangers who had never known him.

Today we say Happy Birthday to Eric, and celebrate his life, although it ended far too soon. We are all lucky to have known such an amazing individual, and like Eric told us, he will see us all soon.

If you are anyone you know is suffering from depression, please do not hesitate to help. While several of Eric’s closest friends did everything they could to prevent this tragedy, we still lost a truly astounding human being, who will be missed by all. But, they still did everything they could – and any attempt at saving a life helps.




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3 responses to “Happy Birthday to the Boy With the Red Cheeks

  1. Sofia Brown

    Brought me to tears…. Such amazing talent… It’s gone. A person who was probably amazing.

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