Hopping Right on the AHS Bandwagon

*WARNING: This post may include a few spoilers.*

But I figured this picture might get you to read. Did it work? Good.


My love affair with American Horror Story began at the first episode. Let me begin by saying if you haven’t checked out this show on FX yet, please do. If you’re a creep-lovin’ weirdo like me and thousands of others, you’ll adore it. If you’re easily offended, you probably won’t.

I am not easily offended.

It could certainly be considered a show that “pushes boundaries”, when Constance refers to her daughter Addie (a character and real-life actress with Down Syndrome), as a “mongoloid” more than once, or when Tate remembers shooting several of his classmates during a school shooting. (That scene was pretty cringe-worthy.)

But it’s also wacky in the most interesting of ways: the ghostly maid appears old and wrinkled to women, young and sexy and scantily clad to men. Constance is completely deranged, not to mention a total cougar. (But I give her huge props for the physique of her much younger lover.) And what about the kinky murderer demon thing in the suit of leather? These details are enough to draw you in for a closer look, even if your initial reaction makes you question your own morale.

A new episode premiers tonight at 10PM! But if you are taking a look for the first time, catch up on the awesomeness On Demand beforehand, and bask in all its haunting glory.

Go here for 2 interviews with Jamie Brewer (Addie).

On the NaNoWriMo front: things are going swell, but a little frustrating, which I expect. Been running into that wall a few times this week.


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2 responses to “Hopping Right on the AHS Bandwagon

  1. sooooo-o-o-o NM…it’s creepy stuff that’s your crack eh? enjoy…and DON’T GO IN THAT ROOOOOM!!! continue…

  2. I avoided this like the plague because I’ve been toyed with so many times before and I’m tired of giving in, and being thrown away. (I have a rant page on my blog about how “Lost” ended.)

    I’ve avoided quite a few shows this season on that principle. But I guess it is better to have loved and lost … I’ll take your word and give this one a try on the On Demand– just to see.

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