A Little Bite to Say “Hello”

She was fierce.


Re-in-car-na-tion [ree-in-kahr-ney-shuh’n]


1. the belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form.

2. rebirth of the soul in a new body.

3. a new incarnation or embodiment, as of a person.


A friend of mine lost her mother a few years back. Her mother loved ladybugs; since then, my friend has gotten a ladybug tattoo in honor of her mother, bought a red Volkswagen Beetle, and has spotted ladybugs in the oddest of places.

We all decided that these little friends were actually visits from her mother; a reincarnation, transformed into one of her favorite things.

Every time I spot one near me, I snap a photo and send it to my friend. As I was loading things into the backseat of my truck today I spotted the pretty little lady in the picture up there ^. I said my hellos and let her cruise around my hand for a while. But when it came time to say goodbye, she suddenly froze in place and I swear I felt a little sting on my palm.

She bit me! She really did. I didn’t know ladybugs could bite. But it happened. And now I’m traumatized.

I gave a little yelp and flung her to the ground – but she was alright. I immediately apologized to what was possibly my friend’s mother just stopping by to say hello, then continued on my way. I hope no one heard me mumble, “Sorry!” to an insect.

Yahoo! Answers says Asian lady beetles bite. I didn’t get a chance to ask this one if she was Asian, ’cause I couldn’t tell by looking at her.

I’ve pondered my view on reincarnation before. A few times in the past few years I’ve had butterflies land on me. When I was 17 one flew into the store I was working in, and I could not un-attach it from my pants for hours; I thought it must be injured. But when I took it outside, it flew away with no issues.

Grandfather? Great grandmother? Some other ancestor? Or maybe just a simple butterfly.

No one can prove if there is any truth behind reincarnation. But isn’t it nice to think that the frequent visits from a ladybug or butterfly are a family member checking in? It’s nice to imagine that they never actually leave us.

Has anyone else had any run-ins with an insect or animal or maybe even another human being that seems more than coincidental?

This is how I now view ladybugs.




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6 responses to “A Little Bite to Say “Hello”

  1. did you look at her eyes? did she speak asian? those are 2 good ways to tell. continue…

  2. aubrey

    Many times it’s just a mattter of seeing something when I really need to see it. A cat, a butterfly, a bird – anything that will calm me an cheer me up. Cats especially – they always seem to know when I need to hear a tiny meow, or a subtle purr.

    How wise they are.

  3. I’ve been nipped by ladybugs several times. They can be feisty little creatures. One of the classic Buddhist meditations to develop compassion for all sentient beings is to reflect that at some point in “beginning less time,” every creature has been our mother (even if “only” in ladybug incarnations). I’ve long believed that those moments of “instant affinity” with either a person or an animal may well derive from being close in a past life.

    Unfortunately, the same goes for instant animosity. Another tenet of reincarnation is that both love and hate draw individuals together, in the latter case, to resolve differences and move beyond them.

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