A Week of Amazing Music

Joe and I ventured out into the downpour on Tuesday night to see (my first) orchestra, conducted by Andre Rieu. Originally from Holland, Rieu and his orchestra travel all over the world, touching lives with a bit of un-stuffy classical music.

I say un-stuffy because this orchestra is definitely one that appeals to the masses. Most would picture a lover of classical music to be snooty, rich, maybe rude. But Rieu put a little fun into the performance (musicians running around the stage with a bottle of Jagermeister, singers and musicians alike sharing a bottle of champagne during the last song of the night), and suddenly I was laughing, and didn’t feel out of place for not wearing my fur.

I laughed, I cried, I put my hand to my heart. It was touching, really. Music certainly is therapy.

This video isn’t from the show we attended (in Philadelphia), but it shows Andre doing what he does best.

And last night, it was on to Tori Amos with two girlfriends of mine. This woman is truly life-changing as well; one show, and now I’m hooked.Her silky pink kimono and glittery shoes made me love her even more.

Enjoy this video. (Not from our show, but same tour. And look – fabulous shoes and a blue dress!)




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6 responses to “A Week of Amazing Music

  1. Wow! You are having wonderful fun! I wish I had come with you to both these events. The first is sort of like a thing called Teatro Zinzanni they have in SF– opera/circus/dinner– do you have this in your town, too? Serious fun. And Tori–aah! Thanks for reminding me how good she is! (And where can I get that kimono?)

    • I’ve never heard of this Teatro Zinzanni! Sounds like I’m missing out. 😦 Extremely jealous. Joe would love something like that, from the sounds of it.

      And you are welcome! I almost forgot myself, how truly therapeutic her music is. I’d like to know where I can get that kimono myself!! 😉

  2. sounds like the lump is maybe getting ready to move on??? continue…

    • I hope so, Tony!! I hope so. You know, thinking of the “lump” as a physical thing that I can hold in my hand and toss away from me, makes it easier to think that I can get rid of it. 🙂

  3. Big fun!
    I’ve seen Tori live. She puts on a great show.

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