All Cozied Up


Β “When we are present in each moment, the past gently rolls up behind us and the future slowly unravels before us.”

– Rev Richard Levy




I come to you from the safe haven of the living room couch, beneath two fuzzy blankets – one adorned in Christmas colors, the other wrapped carefully around my head – a candle scented as “Winter Wonderland” burning bright, stories of local shootings and more job cuts and a mall Santa who got robbed all booming from the television. Joe is sitting on the back porch in frigid weather, smoking cigarettes and chatting with his mother on the phone.

Joe’s parents – who live in sunny Florida – will be arriving this Christmas Eve, and I can hardly wait. Our parents will be meeting for the first time this year (Joe and I have been together for two years), and there is definitely a piece of me that is rather nervous about the four meeting. I mean, I’m sure they’ll get along. I’m sure they’ll adore each other! But put a bottle of booze in front of any member of my family (myself included), and things can get a bit out of hand.

We’ll make the baked macaroni and cheese and hope for the best.

(Love you, mom.)

A job transition is in the works, the Christmas shopping isn’t done, the anxiety and depression continue to undulate with the melodies of my favorite Christmas carols. All I can say is that the genuine laughter is coming back into my voice, the stomach aches are fewer, and normal meals have made their way back into my skimpy diet. Something to celebrate! I look forward to family coming together this holiday. I believe it may be the cure.

While I’ve avoided the subject up until now, I have come to terms with the fact that the sudden onset of this “funk” hindered my ability to completely finish NaNoWriMo. But – I’m trying not to get too worked up about it. For a first attempt, 72 pages added to my novel is still something to celebrate. Over 20,000 words in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks is something to celebrate. There’s always next year, right? Real life put my fiction on pause for a while, but I forgive it. Sometimes, these things can’t be helped.

There’s something about being wrapped up, warm, cozy, slippers on, the Christmas lights all ablaze. Maybe the warmth brings up a subconscious memory of being back in the womb, when the most important decision of our lives was to decide which side of the sack to curl up in. No? Maybe.

I made a yummy dinner of Chicken Parmesan with a tomato & basil topping, paired with a side of red potatoes mixed with onions and peppers. It was pretty delicious. Thank you, Rachael Ray. Simple, quick, inexpensive. Highly suggested.

I’ve been working on gettin’ domesticated.

Hope everyone is in the holiday spirit, and that the Christmas shopping is done (or close to it).

Happy. Holidays.




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16 responses to “All Cozied Up

  1. There is something about this time of year that makes me want to stop *doing.* Kind of a time when the world lies fallow and I want to follow suit, so I understand what you mean about wanting to turn off the the external world – it will wait – and attend to family and things that nourish you. Plus, 72 pages is great. Too bad one’s creativity doesn’t abide by conscious agendas, but oh well…

    Take care over the holidays.

    • Thank you, Morgan. πŸ™‚ Family has been the main focus. And lately, the Christmas shopping. And after the holidays….the slaving in the gym and the writing, once again. I’m determined.

      I hope your holidays are extremely joyous. Thanks. ❀

  2. 72 pages is wonderful, Nicole! It’s so many more than my 8. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you’re looking forward to Christmas, and eating. I wish I knew you better. There’s so much I want to say, but I know how hard it is to hear things that don’t pertain to my own situation. I don’t want to say those sorts of things to you. I’ll just say that I’m glad you’re not alone and that you’re feeling better. I hope it keeps getting better and better.

    I’m more into the holiday spirit myself. No shopping to do, but I’m still stitching a furry vest (furry yarn on the front) for my daughter and a multicolored scarf for my sister. (It’s great to be a knitter/crocheter with a stash. πŸ™‚ ) I have lights in my living room and my fingers crossed for cake and pie on Christmas. I’m a dessert girl. Happy Holidays to you, too, Nicole.

    • I wish I could knit/crochet. Joe’s mother did offer to teach me, and I think I may take her up on the offer. It’d be nice to even start with learning how to sew! πŸ™‚ I’m trying to become a bit more domesticated.

      Thanks so much for your words. Somehow, as I’ve told Joe, I feel like I know you – even though I obviously don’t. I just feel some sort of comfortable, friendly connection. If you’d ever like to email, please, contact me. I feel as though we understand each other better than we can express through blog comments. And sometimes, it’s just what we need. πŸ™‚

      Thank you, again. πŸ™‚

  3. Good luck w/meeting, sounds scary to me. Glad you’re starting to feel more like yourself!

  4. yummy is right. glad that it seems you’re in a better frame of mind NM. please continue…

  5. I had never heard of Nonoanao Remo Williams or whatever – sorry – until I started a blog. I kinda don’t get why they make it one month of mad writing. Maybe two weeks out of every month might work better and be less stressful. ANYWAY, I hope your Christmas goes really well.

    • Hahahaha. You know, I agree. I just got caught up in the excitement! But when real life got in the way….I realized it was pretty damn impossible for me to write as often as NaNoWriMo called for. While I am extremely passionate about the art, sometimes other things get in the way, when you have a job and relationships and various other things to take care of, right?

      I hope your Christmas is great, as well. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, 72 pages! I’d love to be able to write like that. Good work!! πŸ™‚

    And I love your cheery tree, by the way.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Hope Christmas with your combined folks go well. Mine and my girl’s folks met a years ago on Thanksgiving. To prepare, we invited friends the week before to subject them to the thanksgiving menu. Could have gone worse I suppose…

    So now that you got 72 pages in, keep adding on as time allows. No need to wait til next year!

    • You are so very right! I’m trying to get back into the writing swing of things.

      That’s a good idea, preparing with a Thanksgiving menu the week before. We are not preparing ahead of time….just keep fingers crossed, lol. Thanks for the well wishes!

  8. β€œWhen we are present in each moment, the past gently rolls up behind us and the future slowly unravels before us.” What a lovely quotation. Fits right in with Re’s knitting, too, and I’m catching the vicarious coziness.

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