“I think Wolfie lost some weight.”

Technology seems to hate me today; my phone is moving at a snail’s pace, as is the computer. I tried to be hip and upload a video from last night via my Droid’s WordPress “app”, but it exploded. Ah, well.

Joe, a few friends and I slapped on our best rock-n-roll outfits and headed to Philly to see Van Halen last night! (I was told wearing my dad’s Van Halen jean jacket from 1984 would be uncool…so I opted for all black.) This was my second show and I was stoked. Not-so-stoked about the $13 cans of beer inside, hence an extended episode of tailgating beforehand.;D

Alright, I know some people aren’t huge fans of their new album (I’m still undecided), but I was happy to belt out a few verses of “Panama” and “Somebody Call Me a Doctor” with the rest of the extremely diverse crowd (Joe spotted a four year old somewhere in the mob – awesome); Eddie’s guitar solo was mind blowing, and it was pretty damn awesome to see father and son shredding it up on stage, side by side.

I only wish I’d heard more signature yelps from David. But he did throw in a few roundhouse kicks in his sequined pants.

I’d say I got my moneys worth.

Off to the Philadelphia Flower Show today. This year’s theme: Hawaii!

I’ll take looooooots of pictures.

Back to working on that novel-in-progress. On Sunday, a man sat at the bar where I work, in the airport. He asked about the tattoo I have on my arm, and somehow it lead to a conversation about writing. He told me about a motivational book he had published in 2004, and gave me the best piece of advice all writers need to hear:

“Never. Stop. Writing.”

Let’s do this.








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3 responses to ““I think Wolfie lost some weight.”

  1. I like your post. Not the new Van Halen. Bleh!

  2. I had a specific series of obscenity-laden sentences in mind as I started this comment, but I realized a little self-censorship would be good here. Here’s the sanitized version: “What friendly person, whom I of course no nothing about and whom you may love, gave you the interesting advice that your Dad’s old Van Halen jean jacket would be uncool to wear to the concert? Could this person possibly be unclear that men’s vintage jean jackets are wonderful, fashionable things that look great on women? And that a Van Halen one, at a Van Halen concert, would be the very height of appropriateness?

    Women’s vintage jean jackets are a minefield because weird shoulder styles and lengths have rendered them ridiculous– like clown clothes– but a man’s jean jacket!! (I settled for two exlamation points there rather than screaming capital letters within the text.) Obviously, I agree with your first instinct. Even with the weird faces, that jacket looks cool!

    Okay, I’m breathing normally now. Rant over. Reading about your experiences at the concert made me wish I’d been there– with my spongy earplugs in. When people try to tell me those are uncool, I point out how I can actually hear the concert better with them in. They balk. I don’t care.

    I haven’t heard the new Van Halen album, so I can’t comment on that, but I remember buying their first. “Running With the Devil” still blows me away.

    PS: I almost deleted the first part of this, so let me ask… Was this too long a comment? Is it okay because it was funny? Was it so not funny that I should be embarrassed? It’s your blog and I like you so I don’t want to offend. Let me know if I should control myself a little more when I get ‘riled’ up. Peace and love.

    • Oh, Re, I love you! 🙂 This comment was definitely not too long. 🙂 Thank you for the rant. I was pretty offended by the idea that wearing my jacket would be “uncool”!! I wore it the last time I saw them. Ah, well. Maybe he was just jealous he didn’t have one. 😉

      As for the ear plugs – they should never make fun. I SHOULD be wearing them, even though I don’t. It’s no wonder I’m hard of hearing at 23. I need to invest in a pair!!

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