Since joining my new gym a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting my behind kicked five days a week in boxing, kickboxing and….ZUMBA!

I never realized how much rhythm I truly lack until I started Zumba-ing; the much older woman next to me definitely has the moves like Jagger…but alas, I do not.

However, it’s still a blast to waves my hands awkwardly around in the air and wiggle my hips to and fro. Because after an hour of jumping up and down and side to side and front to back and so forth, I feel like running a marathon! (or taking a nap.) My point is, Zumba is an amazing workout, and it’s actually FUN, even if I do look pretty silly doing it. (I won’t look so silly showing off the results…I hope.)

As for boxing, the class is taught by an instructor named Wally; his name couldn’t be more perfect. I can imagine him in my corner of the ring, pouring water down my throat and telling me to suck it up, the swelling will go down eventually! You really only need one eye! He shows no mercy on the females of the class, and that’s exactly what I need. I’m actually learning how to defend myself through his class.

Come on, throw a punch! Bet I can duck and weave and give you a nice right uppercut before you even know what’s hit ya’. (Just kidding…don’t really try to punch me.)

Kickboxing is familiar, the same type of workout I received at another place I frequented last summer, further from home. I slinked into class this past Monday morning to find I was the only one (besides the instructor, of course) to show up. Great! A one-on-one session.

My start to the morning? “Alright, we’re going to start with a workout that will let us burn 200 calories in 10 minutes!”

I’m pretty sure I was able to burn all 200.

It’s true what they say, you know, that exercise gets your blood pumping and gets all those “happy” chemicals flowing. My mood has continued to increase with every building block of stamina I’m taking back – you know, the ones that were stolen from me some time between November 25th and now.

If you’re still in the dark, put all of that energy into something that makes you feel alive. I’m happy to say I’ve caught the “exercise bug” again.

Happy Thursday! Zumba at 6.

One of my favorite Zumba songs. Our dance pretty much goes like this, too…except I don’t get to wear stilettos or dance in front of a huge fan on a lighted stage..or anything cool like that…




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9 responses to “Stop…Drop….PAUSE!

  1. The exercise bug is such a wonderful thing. It shares its endorphin-rushes freely with all who care to catch it.

    Great post! 🙂

  2. First time I went to Zumba I said ‘oh no, my hips don’t do that!’ with some expletives added. But it is fun. I have tried a few different classes and finally found an instructor with a background in karate, kickboxing, weight lifting, so that her zumba classes, while still dance, actually work muscles pretty hard. Vs. one instructor with a dance background where we basically stood around and ran our hands over our hair. Took my teenage son with me once and he was mortified. Absolutely mortified. But he won lots of points with everyone there for humoring his mother and at least showing up.

    • That’s awesome! Glad you found someone who works for you. There is one grown man who takes the Wednesday night class. It’s definitely a good time to see him flail his arms around and try to keep up with the women. He sweats more than I do, that’s for sure. I’m sure he’ll even see quicker results than me from taking the class. I hate that about men! My fiancee can eat pizza and ice cream and not gain a pound. I “splurge” on frozen yogurt and I gain two!

  3. Dance? With me you either get legs or arms, not both at the same time. Boxing? too slow.
    Aggressively listening to music, I can manage that.


  4. Go you! My morning exercise is two cigarettes on the way to the train.
    But the coughing fit really is a full body workout!

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