It’s nice to see a rich man wear the same shirt twice.

My man has a man; his name is Colin Hay. If he doesn’t look familiar <— or sound familiar, perhaps if I mention Men At Work or a Vegemite sandwich it’ll ring a bell.

When I met Joe, I did know who Colin was because of that oh-so-famous band from the ’80s (I may be young but my parents have always influenced my taste in music), and because of that heartbreaking song from Garden State. (The paisley shirt he’s rocking in that video right there…pretty sure it’s the SAME SHIRT I speak of in today’s title.)

Anyhow, I soon noticed the autographs hanging throughout Joe’s bedroom; the records; the SET LISTS; the Itunes lists; the pictures.

Since Mr. Hay has gone solo, Joe sees him every time he is in our area (about once a year). Two years back, when Joe brought me to my first Colin Hay show, we stood in line to meet him afterwards. As Joe approached him, Colin looked at him with his one crazy eye and paisley shirt and said, “Hey, I know you”.


Meanwhile, I fell in love with the man’s music, his stories, his personality, his accent. When we saw him again last year, we were lucky enough to be front row center (I could reach out and touch him! But I didn’t.), which was great, until the alcohol we drank before sitting down began to catch up with us, and we sat with legs tightly crossed until the end of the show. You can’t get up for a bathroom break when you’re two feet from the entertainment!!

Afterwards we met with him once again. This time, as we reached our turn, he looked at me with that same crazy eye and paisley shirt and said, “Don’t I know you?”. The man either has a great memory, or he says this to everyone.

I think Joe was just a bit jealous when I told him Colin gave my shoulder a little squeeze.

I share Joe’s obsession, only mine involves Sarah McLachlan. While I’ve never gotten to meet her (I think I’d die), her music does something to me I can’t quite explain. It truly is a form of therapy for me. It’s been a few years since she’s come to my area, but she will be back around this July. I cannot wait. (Joe’s best friend has a Rick Springfield obsession…Joe and I agree his is the worst.)

So tonight Joe and I return to the Keswick to see Colin, hear a few stories, enjoy good drinks and good music and each others company.

He confessed he originally wanted to propose at tonight’s show (his mother “made” him do it on Christmas). He thought it’d be romantic.

I said he only wanted to do it to attract attention from his boyfriend. 🙂

Saxophonist/Flutist/Keyboard player Greg Ham of Men At Work (and the reason Joe started playing the saxophone) died last week. What a talent; it’s nice to know he inspired other musicians.

I hope Colin wears that paisley shirt tonight.

Happy Saturday!

Joe & Colin, 2009.

Colin on stage, 2011. (We could touch him!)

Colin & I, 2011.

Joe & Colin, 2011.


































Or a woman if you are one.



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7 responses to “It’s nice to see a rich man wear the same shirt twice.

  1. A good sound, I’ll go looking for some stuff. Nice story about the stalking, 🙂


  2. well said, i enjoyed reading this tonight ! my obession is Neil Diamond…and everyone thinks I’m crazyyyyy…hahah don’t care..his music just goes to my heart and soul…seeing him again in June….but this time I got floor tickets 5th row…say a prayer my ass is up on stage!!! heheheeh

  3. I love Overkill. And his appearance on Scrubs. I also love The Gazette, and since they’re Japanese I will probably never meet them or even see them live. Fortunately, it seems they’ve literally recorded every concert they’ve ever done, so there are plenty of concerts to watch. Anyway, Colin Hay is a good songwriter.

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I’ve never seen Colin Hay with a beard….
    Your pictures were just so LIFE!! Great to see. 🙂

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