Living Dead Girl




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9 responses to “Living Dead Girl

  1. great ink NM. and a nice tribute. continue…

  2. Very cool.
    How many sessions was that?

  3. First off, love those ear rings! Can you tell me what inspired this one? It looks like it should have a story. My 16 year old was disappointed when he learned he couldn’t get a tattoo until he was 18, even with parental permission. I threaten my husband that I am going to ink ‘work of art’ across one breast…his name is Art. And it’s fun to watch him cringe.

    • HA! That is hilarious (and clever)! It’s a good thing you’re making him wait…his idea of what he wants inked on his body will certainly change in the next two years. This one does have a story! Aside from my love of everything horror and zombie related, this tattoo represents two sides of myself: one that battles with depression and my own sense of self worth, and one that is full of beauty and confidence. Some of my past posts talk about a serious bout of depression that appeared out of thin air in December. I’m still climbing my way out, but I’m doing so much better. So, my zombie girl represents an ugliness we all have inside of us that we don’t want others to see. But I’m learning to embrace it. Thanks for your curiosity! 🙂

    • Oh, and thank you! I got those earrings for $3 at Burlington Coat Factory! 😉

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