Speaking of motivation….

What are the chances?

On my birthday – the 31st of May – I entered a short story contest for new writers put together by Glimmer Train Press, a pretty well-known and prestigious publication.

I’ve been checking the site rather religiously, each time I log in seeing that excruciating “In-Progress” still next to my story’s title. But my most recent check-in was different….

Although they teased me – I nearly stopped breathing – with the word “Finalist” now sitting cozily in that little box, I immediately checked my email to find that I’d received a virtual high-five, the thumbs up of the literary world, a pat on the back from a respected publication, the first step in awesomeness for any new writer….
My short story, “Sirens Underwater”, has received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s 2012 Short Story Contest for New Writers.

Wait… What’s that sound?

Oh yeah, it’s me kicking myself in the ass. Let’s do this.

Go here to see my name in print, you know you wanna. 🙂

Click to access May2012SSA-HM.pdf


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17 responses to “Speaking of motivation….

  1. Rock. The Hell.On.
    Way to go!

  2. Chatter Master


  3. Chatter Master

    Your name sure looks incredible!!!! I checked it out! 🙂

  4. Congratulations! No wonder you’re excited. You have a right to be proud.

  5. I really do wanna! I’m so happy for you, Nicole! Glimmer Train has broken my heart a couple of times. I think my skills are better now (I see some of the error of my ways), but I’ve been avoiding them because it hurts. I feel better about them now that they’ve recognized your talent. Yay you!

    • Thank you, Ré! They’ve broken my heart a few times as well. But, as with every other publication that turns me away, I’m like the clingy girlfriend who just won’t quit. I keep on coming back for more heartbreak and hope things will change!!

  6. Edward Hotspur

    Wow! Everything is going your way, isn’t it? You’ve got the story, the kid and one on the way, the house, the wedding, and those burning sores went away… you are sailing!

  7. That’s so cool! Glimmer Train is a big deal. At least I’ve always thought so. Now they know your name. Honorable mention this time, next time…the star!

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