Season of the Writer

That special time of year is again creeping up on us; the vibrant colors, the crisp weather, the delicious warm foods, the pumpkin-flavored-and-scented everything that I so adore. (I also adore the fact that in autumn I can wear my favorite boots every single day until the soles fall off.) It’s my favorite time for inspiration in my writing, and it’s the time for writing conferences!!!

Again this year, as I did last October, I will be attending Push to Publish, a one day writing conference run by Philadelphia Stories, the non-profit magazine I’ve been working for the last three years. Last year I met so many wonderful people, and went home with plenty of inspirational feedback from editors, agents, and fellow writers.

Last year was also when I met the agent who read the first three chapters of my novel and was immediately interested….a huge uplift to my writer’s ego, but something that also made me nervous and excited and anxious all at once. She’d handed me her card and told me she wanted to take a first look as soon as I was finished my first draft.

A year ago. I suck.

Obviously things went on the back-burner, even after I proudly tacked her business card above my mirror as a reminder to stay inspired and write, write, write. It’s not like I was completely lazy in the meantime. I’ve worked on a few short stories – one of which recently received an Honorable Mention – and have returned here and there to that novel that has started to harvest some cobwebs.

But, with Push to Publish quickly approaching, I’ve pulled it back out, dusted it off, and made it a promise: You will be finished, however roughly, by October 13th. That same agent is going to be there and I refuse to show my face without a nice, heavy first draft in my arms. With hard work, it’s doable. So, for now, the short stories have been switched to the back-burner.

Lots to get done today; previews begging for feedback to come.


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6 responses to “Season of the Writer

  1. Woohoo!!! Book progress!
    Can’t wait to hear what the agent thinks of it.

  2. I hope there’s no heartbreak in that post to come. Feedback is so precious, but it’s hard to come by so you’re lucky to be able to take part in this. Yours is the second post in a week I’ve read about writer’s conferences. I wish someone would come up with a really cheap option for those, but I realize the people who put them together need to get paid and to pay professionals to come and share their expertise. I’ve barely been able to scrape together an entrance fee for a contest, and they don’t even give you a reaction to your work. I’m glad your work has been noticed and that you’re getting back to that manuscript. Best of luck, Nicole.

    • Thank you, Re! I have my fingers crossed. I am definitely counting my blessings right now. And I agree, these things can get pretty pricey….I wish I could attend more but my wallet doesn’t exactly allow me to! Keep your eye out for events and I’m sure you will find something you are able to attend. Thank you for your kind words and best of luck to you in your writing as well; I always do enjoy following along. 🙂

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  4. Androgoth

    Yes good luck with polishing off your manuscript 🙂


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