Hey, just a quick reminder.

Well, three.

#1) If you want quick service, get off of your cellphone.

#2) If you need me for anything, get off of your cellphone.

#3) Then, when I don’t seem friendly enough for you and you feel the need, especially being a male, to call me a d*ck head (or rather, mumble half to yourself half to me, “Thanks for being a d*ck head for no reason”)….you should have gotten off of your cellphone.





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15 responses to “Hey, just a quick reminder.

  1. I’m kinda glad I worked at the deli before there were cell phones. I have enough trouble these days figuring out why the person walking close to me downtown or at the store is telling me things I don’t understand.

  2. Another thing – in pre-cell phone days, if you spotted someone talking to himself on a street corner, you could be pretty sure he was schizophrenic and cross the street if he looked mean. Now you gotta look for a bluetooth earpiece to be sure…

  3. Androgoth

    That sounds like the Bonehead
    Mantart Syndrome to me my friend…


  4. Customers do suck. So here is a site that will let you chill and laugh at them.

  5. You should make a sign and hang it up. 🙂

  6. Individuals are as a rule OK, the general public however is generally stupid and ignorant. Sometimes however, this rule is inverted by idiots.


  7. eyeLaugh

    ugh, I despise most customers! Most of them are herrr-derrr dumb.

  8. When they speak to you, pretend you’re hearing them through a cellphone.

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