Hey everyone! A quick plug here, but it’s totally worth it.

My mother recently started her own skincare line of all natural, handmade products. She’s always been passionate about skincare and wanted to try her hand at making her own face wash, face cream, body cream, bubble bath, etc.

I’m lucky enough as the daughter, of course, to test a few products here and there, and so far I love everything (I highly recommend the sugar lip scrubs). She designed the website herself, and is always hard at work making everything by hand. So please – check her out, buy something for yourself, your mom, your sister, your wife – and pass it along. 🙂

She is very passionate about what she does; oh, and everything is ridiculously well priced, too.

Happy Sunday! What a great day to do some online shopping, eh?




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17 responses to “DivaSkin101

  1. Normally I would love this and think it was fabulous, and order stuff for my female relatives, but unfortunately my mother sells Avon. I’ll still put it in my blogroll, though!

  2. Kelly Pask

    If you mention Nicole’s blog with your first order I will include a free gift ! Thank you for all of the support !

  3. I went to your mom’s site and looked around for eye cream because I’ll be needing that next. I can’t afford much when it comes to moisturizers, but I do look for value and naturalness, so I bookmarked her site.

    I need ingredient lists, though, and a little assurance about sourcing. I’ve had reactions from a couple kinds of things and there are some binders and things that I won’t use on principle (environmental). After that, if any ingredients are from an organically grown source, that’s a bigger plus for me.

    I wish her much luck with the new business. The website has a great look.

    • Thanks so much for taking time to check out her site, Re. She really does appreciate it. I totally understand about the reactions, etc. I mentioned listing ingredients to her. 🙂

  4. Whats’ your stripper name? What’s your wizard name? http://wp.me/p1CLmE-1lQ
    I tweeted DivaSkin101

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