Push to Publish Part II

Last year’s Push to Publish conference was a roaring success, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to attend again this year! Tonight, I will once again be on the beautiful campus of Rosemont College for the Philadelphia Stories awards dinner, where the 2012 winning author will be presented with a big fat check and plenty of food! Hooray!

Then tomorrow I’ll put on my cutest outfit and my shiny new boots and hopefully make another good impression on the agent who showed interest in my novel last year. The first draft isn’t too far from the finish line this time around, so I can only hope I can once again spark her interest. Fingers crossed, friends!

I’ll be sure to post here tomorrow night, with all of the useful information I plan on picking up and scribbling down in my pink notebook.

On a side note: I ran 7 miles in 1 hour, 5 minutes yesterday evening! My best time yet. It’s time to put that same effort into my writing. Lots of last minute ends to tie!

Happy Friday!



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12 responses to “Push to Publish Part II

  1. Le Clown

    Shiny new boots… You must be the coolest writer I know. Albeit, I don’t know a great deal, and I can’t say that because I know what Milan Kundera looks like from his book sleeves that we are best buds. But you’re cool.
    Le Clown

    • Nicole Marie

      Thank you, Le Clown. I will post a picture of my shiny new boots tomorrow, so you can rate my level of coolness on a scale from 1 to 10!

  2. Good luck! And congrats on the great run!

  3. Between the boots, your sparkling personality and the quality of your writing, the agent doesn’t a chance.
    Have a great time, and can’t wait to hear of the agent’s reaction!

  4. runningonsober

    Hope dinner went well! Congrats on your run- you were flying!

    Oooh new boots, nice! Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t stand a chance. But good luck anyway. 😉

  5. Shiny shiny, new things to make you feel good and ready.

    Have fun,


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