The Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry 2012

For the past 3 years I have had the honor of serving as Contest Coordinator for the Philadelphia Stories Marguerite McGlinn Prize for Fiction, reading some seriously awesome work; but the best part has always been the look of awe on the winning author’s face as they float around the room for hours at a dinner in their honor, shaking hands and taking photos and smiling until their face hurts.

So obviously I was excited when just a few weeks ago I was asked to also run this year’s Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry contest.

So I won’t keep on blabbin’. The deadline for submissions has been extended to November 15th, and I strongly encourage all lovers of poetry to send in lots and lots of submissions! (Ahem, Edward and Ms. Hastywords! Submit one together and split the prize – or submit your own! I don’t care! Just do iiiiit!!!!! Jim, you should too!)

And to all of the other extremely talented writers I follow: do it. I look forward to reading your submissions. 🙂

Click here for guidelines – and to submit!



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10 responses to “The Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry 2012

  1. Wow, very cool that in addition to writing, you’re also involved in the backend of promoting it!

    And for the weekly nag, have you been working on your manuscript to send in?!?

  2. runningonsober

    This is your follow-up nag post. If you haven’t done your writing, step away from the Big Pumpkin and Twitter and go write! 🙂

    Like Guap, I think that’s awesome how involved you are behind the scenes of so many projects. You rock!

  3. runningonsober

    *Great Pumpkin. But in my defense, that thing was supposed to be pretty big too, right? haha.

  4. Nicole, I’m so strapped for cash that I can’t afford to gamble on reading fees anymore, not even ten dollars, especially when I have absolutely no idea of what the judges sensibilities are. I wish good luck to everyone else who gives it a try.

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