Romantic Monday (Week 2) – Oh, Sandy

And so begins another Romantic Monday! Click here to read Edward Hotspur’s hauntingly gorgeous tale.  (There’s also a link there to all of the other awesome posts!)

Oh, Sandy

Oh, Sandy

Don’t pretend that

I’m the only one

I saw you on the news

Blowin’ that entire neighborhood

Oh, Sandy

I only like you when the lights go out

And you drag chills across my skin

Where the sheets do not cover


Oh, Sandy

I only crave you when I’m drunk

Until then you’re no fun

Creepin’ on my back porch


Oh, Sandy

You’re electric

You make my windows shake

You make my back door slam


Oh, Sandy

You’re such a tease

They told me to be weary

Of you


Oh, Sandy

Are you coming?

I’m waiting on my turn

To dance with you


Be safe, everyone!

Maybe next week I’ll finally write about the (real) love of my life. I think he’s getting jealous.












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19 responses to “Romantic Monday (Week 2) – Oh, Sandy

  1. Awesome work. Love it! Romantic Monday is the most bestest thing that ever happened to me

  2. So good. I grew up wanting to be Sandy lol

  3. What an odd impression of romance…
    At least Sandy is willing to share it with everyone.
    A little too willing…

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  5. Ah, fall, when romance is in the air, and the slamming of back doors is heard throughout the land. This post definitely didn’t leave me stranded at the drive in, branded a fool.

  6. I have been wondering/hoping that you are well. And of course how you can turn it into a creative endeavor.

  7. Excited for NaBloPoMo?! Think I’m going to ramp up my efforts on my blog and I hope wordsandotherthings comes along the way 🙂

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