Public Speaking Sucks.

I don't know. It's just scary.

I don’t know. It’s just scary.


FINALLY! Cable. Internet. I spent the last few days catching up on mindless television since I’d spent two weeks without it. Now it’s back to blogging and noveling. I added “noveling” to my computer’s dictionary. It’s a real word, damnit. So, tonight is the night! The Apiary #5 Launch Party, where I will be reading (first) and boozing (second) and mingling (second and third). In order to give every contributor a chance to read, everyone will receive 3 minutes to read an excerpt from their piece. I timed myself and practiced and everything!

Although I had a few large parts and even solos in high school theater (I was even Rizzo in Grease! So much fun.) I still experience extreme fear of speaking in front of a crowd. Unless of course I’m drunk, in which case you’ll have to rip me from the stage. However, it would probably be a bad idea to get my buzz on before taking the stage to try and impress a bunch of writers, so I’m gonna stay away from the booze for this one.

I’m still convinced I’ll mess up and say “fuck” or “penis” or something by accident.

I’m hoping mother or Joe or someone will take a video of my 3 minute performance-of-a-lifetime. Then, if my lisp isn’t too obvious (I’m convinced I have one), I’ll post it here for all to enjoy/laugh at/make fun of my hair and outfit or something.

I am officially back in the ‘sphere of blogging. Feel free to jump for joy. And wish me luck.

I’ll mail you a copy of the issue if you want. I plan on taking as many as my skinny arms can carry.

Happy Friday!


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12 responses to “Public Speaking Sucks.

  1. I’m sure it will be fine. I ensure all videos of me speaking are deleted quickly. Nothing to be played at a later date for everyone to sit cringing.


  2. Welcome back to blogging again.

    I want to see this video of yours. 🙂

  3. You’re reading, so that makes it easier. Though, you’re reading your own stuff, so it’s a tiny bit less easier. Anyway, I always put some little inside joke that makes me giggle a little bit in the first 20 seconds of whenever I speak. Maybe that will help. Another thing that helps is picture the audience as a bunch of children. It helps your mentality go from “GAHHHHHHHH!” to “Listen, you ungrateful punks, I’m talking” which comes out as confidence somehow.

  4. Oh, and good luck, Nicole! You’re a good writer who deserves recognition and Pulitzer.

  5. Hopefully, you started by quietly approaching the mike, and opened with “Just to get this out of the way, penis.” before wowing them with an excellent excerpt!

    I hope the night is as fun as it sounds, and can’t wait to hear about the fun you had.
    And keep editing!

  6. You are far braver than I am. I do hope it is recorded, I’d love to see it. Good luck! And if the muse overtakes you and you feel the need to say ‘penis’, then do it.

  7. runningonsober

    I have no doubt that you kicked some major public-speaking ass.

    (That picture is crazy freaky scary!)

    Happy Saturday night. 🙂

  8. I’m sure you did great!
    By the way, that pic is seriously creepy!

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