Public Speaking Isn’t So Bad.

I made it! I did it! I successfully stomped my way onto that stage, mellow xylophone setting the mood behind me, and I read an excerpt with only one “um” and maybe one or two tongue-tied moments. And absolutely no “penis”! And I made my grandmother cry. Praise the gods.

I also came home with armfuls of copies, as planned. There were several amazing readings that night by some seriously talented poets/short-story writers, but I was perhaps most impressed with the small seven year old girl (the youngest author to be published in this issue of Apiary) who made her way onto the stage before me, and mumbled a simple (or so it seems at first listen) poem into the microphone:

Girl With Wings

2 little girls walking down the street

1 little girl is walking

1 little girl is flying

– Ayah Joice 

So here it is. It cuts off at some point because our fancy shmancy i Phones cannot send 3 minute videos from one to the other. My lisp is out in all its lispy glory. Blah.

Happy Romantic Monday!


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16 responses to “Public Speaking Isn’t So Bad.

  1. HELL YES!!!!
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done!

    (and so help me, I can’t resist, but I blame Joe for the no penis debacle.)

  2. I loved it! Even though it was hard to hear, at least the picture was blurry.

    It was good! And you don’t have a lisp! Fun Fact: You are the very first person who I ever heard say “Edward Hotspur” out loud, other than me.

  3. Yay for you! Reading in front of an audience can be so hard.

    That’s a wrenching hell of a story you wrote, and I longed for more of the video (and less blur — but that’s beside the point.) You deserve props for getting up there and doing it. Props to you, Grrrl.

  4. You are far braver than I am, Nicole. You did a great job. I would have shared a tear-filled handkerchief with your grandmother.

  5. “Happy Romantic Monday!”
    I like it!

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