Romantic Monday (Part …? What Week Is It?)














My days and weeks are all discombobulated. (Wow, I actually spelled that right on the first try!) I’ve missed far too many Romantic Mondays, so it’s time to rejoin the loop! But in my defense, it’s because I’ve been totally and hopelessly in love with our new home.

But this poem isn’t about our new home.

A quick thought here.

Learning To Swim

I fell into you

I’m not sure when

Maybe when you touched my hair

Or maybe it was when you

Pulled the sheets over my shoulder

I never knew how to swim

But I was just fine with learning

When I had to


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13 responses to “Romantic Monday (Part …? What Week Is It?)

  1. Always better to learn something because you want to…

    • But when it’s meant for you, you don’t necessarily have a choice. Doesn’t mean you don’t want it more than anything, still. 🙂 It just makes it that much more awesome! (That doesn’t apply to all situations, of course.)

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  3. That was lovely and sweet, Nicole. Just like you about 40% of the time!

  4. so sweet in its simplicity – really liked this Nicole .. and discombobulated is one of my favorite words. just saying.

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  6. This was very cool! And the pic was hilarious!

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