what words for this?

sandy hook


I’m shocked. I’m appalled. I’m all of those things that every other person who caught the news this morning is feeling.

I turned down the Christmas music I had blaring, put down my cup of herbal tea, and scrambled for the remote. And I cried. A lot. Every shooting in my life time has made me sick, but this one…twenty children? Twenty children… dozens of Christmas presents probably wrapped, under the tree, or hidden away in closets until Christmas Eve because most of them probably still believed in Santa

Like Edward Hotspur said – yeah, sometimes life sucks, sometimes it really fucking sucks, maybe sometimes you even feel like giving up altogether. But what is accomplished in murdering a group of our innocents just before taking your own pussy life? I’m just sorry no one had the pleasure of taking it for you after what you’ve done. 

My stomach is in knots, still. My heart shatters for those families. Happy Holidays? This world really sucks sometimes.

Not feeling very Christmas-y today.


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11 responses to “what words for this?

  1. I’m in favor of the proactive self-death penalty.

  2. I hear you – and I echo your sentiments…

  3. America can be such a fucked up place. I’m sitting at a coffeeshop and asked the barista if crap like this happened in Mexico and he said, “Gangs and drug cartels, yeah, there is lots of shooting and death. But children? A classroom? That is American.”

    • Makes you cringe, doesn’t it? This “great” country we live in….sometimes I am so ashamed, because we are left as the face of these maniacs, as they’re always too cowardly to stick around for the aftermath.

      • One of the worst aspects (of which there is an endless well of) is that other countries will merely write it off as “another” shooting spree in America. Another. When does it become as synonymous with America as apple pie and baseball?

      • It makes you sit back and wonder, “what the hell are we doing to groom our kids into psychos?”. Blegh. Have you ever read We Need To Talk About Kevin? Amazing book. It’s a pretty in-depth look from the mother of a child who kills several of his classmates.

      • I have not. I’ve always been apprehensive to delve into it, much the same way I avoid watching videos of animal abuse. Shit like that stays with me.

      • Ah, I understand. It definitely haunted me for quite a while. But if you ever muster the courage…it’s worth the nightmares. Sort of. I guess. It’s just as good as it is disturbing!

  4. Thanks for this post. How is it that such a minuscule portion of society can break millions of hearts? I listen to all the talking heads today, interviewing people with questions like ‘is it possible’ and ‘how do you think families will cope’, and all the resurrected arguments against guns, and I wish they would just shut up. Just allow us to grieve. It’s why I’m no longer turning on the radio. There was even one woman on the radio saying when someone applies for a gun they should be asked if they are happy. That’s when I shut the radio off. When the airspace becomes filled with asinine words just to say something. These families deserve more. The problem is I just don’t know what I can do. Except hang on to my child.

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