Big Decisions



The holidays are over! We survived. I suppose that’s kind of a crappy way to look at it, isn’t it? We all hold our breath those weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, praying things go smoothly when the family is here, digging through the leftover last-minute wrapping paper at Super Walmart, scraping our last two pennies together because we couldn’t give that cousin a lousy $20 gift card, it had to be $40, because $20 is cheap and disgraceful, and you won’t see them again until that obscure family BBQ in August.

But hey, secretly we know there’s more to it than spending a bunch of money we don’t have. And while we are all breathing a sigh of relief this week, I had a wonderful holiday with some wonderful people I cherish.

And now Joe and I get to relax, and really enjoy our new home, together. No presents to buy. Nothing to rush to the store for (besides groceries and cleaning products). I gave the entire house a scrub down yesterday and plopped my ass on the couch for dinner and a movie afterward, my best friend and my kitty cat lounging beside me.

By the way, meet Jewel. She’s 9, and Joe and I inherited her from my best friend’s aunt, who really wanted her to go to a loving home since her daughter went away to school. Jewel enjoys begging like a dog, throwing up on our new area rug, and drinking out of faucets. I love her to death.


In two weeks time Joe and I will also be welcoming another addition to the family, a 2 year old Beagle/Hound mix named Nevada. She is the sweetest little doggie and I’m praying Jewel isn’t too pissed off about it. (A few more piles of puke on my area rug should suffice. She always seems to bypass the hardwood floor and aim directly for the rug. I think this is a conscious decision.)

While I don’t really believe in making New Years Resolutions, I did make a pretty huge decision for the New Year. Sort of a birthday present to myself (as this will happen just 3 weeks before my 25th), an accomplishment I will hold near and dear to me for a lifetime, one this lady has already achieved and given me some seriously crazy inspiration. (Seriously, that is a must-read. It brought tears to my eyes.)

My friends, this Monday I begin training for my first marathon.



26.2 miles.


I’m terrified. I’m excited. I’m confident. I’m a mess. Can I really do this? did finish a half.  Maybe I can do this. No, I WILL do this. Even if my body falls to pieces and I’m dragging my sorry ass across the finish line.

And so to document my adventures, I’ll be keeping a side blog, which I will link on this one. When I make it. At some point before/on Monday. I’m going to need tons of motivation for this one. Thank you in advance.

Another sort-of-sort-of-not resolution is getting back to some personal writing. Like, novel writing. I’ve slacked off many a time, but I have to pick myself back up and get back in there. I mean, moving into a brand new home one day before Thanksgiving counts as a solid distraction, amIright?

Happy Friday, everyone. Don’t forget to stop on over and enjoy the Foolishness!


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28 responses to “Big Decisions

  1. Jewel is beautiful. I’m sure she and Nevada will work things out. Good luck with the marathon. You’re a better person than I am.

  2. Hooray for new pets! Hopefully, the cat isn’t too territorial yet and will get along with the dog. When we adopted our dog, we made sure we treated our cat as the alpha of the two and that helped create a more harmonious atmosphere.

  3. Good luck on both of your endeavors!

  4. runningonsober

    Hells to the yeah you can do a marathon!!! (Wait, do people still say hells to the yeah? Did they ever, or am I just making that up? I’m so not cool. But like Forrest Gump I can run, and so can you!)

    I need to get back to the running focused posts–we can motivate each other!

    Jewel is precious and I can’t wait to see Nevada. I wasn’t sure how you could get any more awesome, but rescuing 2 pets in need? And taking on a marathon? Yeah… you just got a little more awesome. 😉

    Proud of you! And thanks for the mention. Hurry and get that other blog up. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just get it started… Just like marathon training.

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  6. Good luck on the marathon training.
    I’m running one on Feb 24th.

  7. Hell yes!!!
    I think you should do the marathon with Jewel strapped to your back. You know, to discourage anyone from passing you…

    Can’t wait to hear about the run, and the beagle, and…

    (And thanks for the pingback!)

  8. She was runninguh! – Forest Gump

  9. Wow. I admire you and your big decision. I definitely am not fond of running so I can’t imagine running that many miles as I can barely even make it through one…

  10. You have my admiration for that target! I love new projects and challenges but that’s one too far for me. Good luck! 🙂

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