Romantic Monday – Puzzled Up


I feel you

quiet now

the rising and

falling of you

we are


puzzled up

tied tightly

skin on


warmth on

fingertips and

morning lips

don’t leave

don’t go

let me melt

inside this vision

of us

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Happy Romantic Monday, everyone!


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17 responses to “Romantic Monday – Puzzled Up

  1. LOVE this. I love puzzles especially these kind.

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  4. Hey! Thanks for the mention!

    This is, as Frank said, smokinnnnn! Oh yes!!

  5. A lovely romantic poem, Nicole Marie! Well done!

  6. sagedoyle

    Thanks for including me!

  7. I love this, all sensuous and sweet! You’ve inspired me to buy some Twister sheets for our bed.

  8. Hubba hubba!
    You’re going to have to post a warning for content soon…

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