Romantic Monday – They’re Here, Still

city snow

it snowed again

last night

a brightness in the moonlight



the quiet screamed

at me again

look at it all

your footprints in the wet

your body in the white

they’re here, still

i expected you

to melt it all


As usual, head on over here to view a beautiful poem from the man who started it all (and for even more Romantic Monday posts).

And here’s a little taste:




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21 responses to “Romantic Monday – They’re Here, Still

  1. You are to poetry what the Spice Girls are to music. Wait, I don’t think that came out right. Shit.

    Seriously, though. Great job! You are a truly wonderful poet.

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  3. I am so proud of you! Not in a condescending way, but in how you just wrote what you felt, and it turned out so beautifully, just like you, and like your love with your husband, or whatever the fuck he is right now, because I’m apparently confused about your marital status. Anyway, I loved this.

  4. Beautiful, Nicole. I did find this romantic and sensual.

  5. A lovely poem. Makes me think of home and New York and wish I were there. Thanks.

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