Daily Prompt: What A Waste!

Write your own eulogy.

We’re gathered here today to remember a daughter, a friend, a fiance, a writer, a runner.

photo (4)















Nicole Marie may have spent too much time taking meaningless pictures of herself, or hitting the bottle, but we won’t remember her simply for her narcissism or her alcoholism; no, Nicole Marie will also be remembered, not always fondly, for her love of serial killers, video games, and procrastination.

When she set a goal for herself, Nicole Marie (usually) followed through. She began work on her first novel years ago, and after several struggles to stay motivated was very close to a finished manuscript. It’s really too bad she croaked before delivering it to the agent lady. I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for her. But at least she managed to get her name out there one time before leaving us forever.

Nicole Marie also had plans to run her first full marathon, a huge fitness goal she’d been looking forward to after years of struggling with body image. This was it, this was the goal of all goals, a mental and physical challenge she couldn’t wait to rip to shreds. She was only two weeks into training when it happened. Ah, well.

Her blog had finally started to gain speed, thanks to a mysterious clown and his blogging superpowers; she was so excited, so honored to be making so many amazing blogging friends (she’d even gained a second mom and dad), and spent most of her days sharing her blogging excitement with her wonderful fiance, Joe AKA Charlie. But now her blog will stand still for the rest of eternity – unless she is bad ass enough to figure out how to post from the other side. In which case, I’m sure she will take several dumb pictures of herself drinking good beer in a hot tub. And we all wanna see that.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family, who have lost one of the greatest human beings ever to grace this earth. It’s too bad she didn’t get off her ass and accomplish more during her short time with us. She could have been something truly great. Her fiance, Joe, is especially sad, since she will no longer be there to obsessively vacuum the dog’s hair off of the couch.

Her will was simple: Don’t bother donating my liver. It’s no good. But have someone skin me for my tattoos and use them as artwork above their fireplace. That’d be awesome. Oh, and question the creepy neighbor about my death. He knows. See ya!

Rest easy, Nicole Marie. We hope you’re drinking that big Paisano in the sky (or, you know…down there).

Remember me as a time of day. Happy hour. 

Other freshly departed:






I’ll link to more as they filter in! 

And of course, don’t forget to enjoy the Friday Foolishness:



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43 responses to “Daily Prompt: What A Waste!

  1. Le Clown

    Marie Nicole,
    Although a fictitious great eulogy, I’m glad you are among my friends. Your life will sing louder than any eulogy, unless written by David Foster Wallace, who’s unfortunately dead… But even then…
    Le Clown

    • Le Clown

      Love me some Explosions in the Sky. In the post rock genre, do you know of Godspeed You Black Emperor from Montreal, or Mono from Japan? Two different voices in post rock (GYBE being very political, and Mono somewhat cinematogrpahic, a tad closer to EITS and Mogwai)…
      Le Clown

    • Thank you, Le Clown. I always appreciate your kind words. ❤

  2. I love a eulogy to laugh along with. Honest. Touching. Funny stuff. 🙂

  3. Dearest Nicole,
    You make me laugh. I will certainly miss our Twitter fights and how you tell me I don’t deserve an award that you gave me. Rest in piece.

    I will attempt to keep the flow of alcohol consumption normal in your abscence, but I can’t promise anything.

  4. A beautiful life cut short so tragically. I’m weeping even though I just met Nicole Marie. But I’m putting my bid in now to buy her tattooed skin.

    • Madame Weebles,

      Even in the afterlife I’m sure Nicole Marie is honored to see you make an appearance here. I’m sure she also hopes your bid is high enough to win you a piece of her pale flesh.

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  6. *sniff sniff* I will wear your tattoos proudly, daughter!

  7. Boo-hoo, I can’t believe you’re gone. I was proud of the things you did, and your eye color.

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  9. And though she is gone, this towering figure of grace and diplomacy will live on in the hearts and minds and rhetoric of governments yet to be formed.
    Her patriotism and ideali-

    (This isn’t the service for Hillary Clinton’s career?)
    (Thursday? Are you sure?)

    Umm…Nicole rocked!
    She was a hell of a writer and had a bizzare great sense of humor.
    But she’ll always be the girl in the spandex running shorts and oversized ski jacket to me.
    If only she’d finished editing…

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  11. I hope you find a way to blog from “the other side.” I will miss your poetry especially. You may not be running any marathons but I hope you’ll still be writing your blogs and I’ll still be reading them.

  12. For me, a relatively newbee hear, this caused many smiles, but with a touch of sadness … and the music seems to match that (well, at least for me).

    • I’m glad I could make you smile even at a sad time like this. I love Explosions in the Sky – and that song in particular, really does seem to fit such a situation. And the name says it all…”remember me as a time of day”. Love it.

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