Daily Prompt: Multiple Meanings

Today, WordPress asks us: 

What role does music play in your life?

For me, music plays multiple roles.

It makes me appreciate what I have, and makes me want to give back: 

It reminds me of the one I love: 

It gives me strength, confidence, and courage:

It calms me, physically and mentally:

It makes me laugh:

It makes me dance:

It makes me feel silly:

It makes long drives fun:

It makes me angry:

It reminds me of snow: 

It makes me feel sexy:

It inspires me: 

It helps me focus: 

What role does music play for you? 

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14 responses to “Daily Prompt: Multiple Meanings

  1. Great post! Nice variety.
    I have absolutely no idea how I’d answer this question without overloading and breaking the wp servers.

  2. Great response. Really good idea to incorporate the videos instead of just listing the songs.

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  4. Thanks fo yo pingz! Great musical selection – I didn’t post a single video in mine because, you know, how to choose a star from the night sky? I think sometimes you almost have two songs, or three, for each song – the one you see in the video while you listen, the one you hear on the radio or in your car or headphones while you’re doing something, and sometimes the one you see live. They’re the same song, but each completely different experiences.

    • You’re welcome! And I agree, Edward. Some songs I prefer acoustically. Have you ever heard THIS version of “Hey Ya” by the Black Eyes Peas? Totally changes the feel/meaning of the song, in my opinion.

  5. Wonderful response. Music does so much for all of us and you expressed it beautifully. Thank you for this well-done post, Nicole Marie.

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  7. Psy makes me angry, too.

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