Le Birthday Clown

According to Le Clown, “Every Day is Fucking Magical”.  And he’s right. Today, in particular, is extremely fucking magical. Why, you ask? Because today we celebrate the birth of a very special, flaming (not in that way) Canadian. 

I’ve only known Le Clown on Fire for a short time, but it has been long enough for me to explore several aspects of his awesomeness. His love of family (not to mention his amazing writing skills) is heartwarming. This clown has the biggest heart. He’s always striving to shine the spotlight on other bloggers, and has an entire page dedicated to doing soHe is there for all of his blogging friends, and loves to make them feel special; he even celebrates their greatness when they are Freshly Pressed!

I owe Le Clown my life. Okay, maybe that’s a little much. But I do owe him for giving me a major blogging boost. Back in December, I was honored when Le Clown contacted me and asked if I’d like to be inducted into Le Blogroll. And so I was. That day, I broke the record for most “likes” on my blog everSince then, things have only continued to go up, and I find myself motivated to post even more often, because people are interested. So thank you, Le Clown. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

But this is about Le Clown! Not me. Damnit. The man gets enough attention, and we continue to give him more? Le sigh. I guess it’s because we love him, or something.

Le Clown – Eric – Happy Birthday, my blogging friend. There are hundreds taking time out of their day today to say, “Shit, it’s Le Clown’s birthday! I must go wish him the happiest in celebrating his day of birth.” Thank you for all that you do. You are a force in the blogosphere.

A few other loving Le Clown birthday tributes: 





And don’t forget to follow along, from beginning to epic Blog Scavenger Hunt end (all the doing of Le Clown’s beautiful wife, Sara): 



Property of Le Birthday Clown.


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19 responses to “Le Birthday Clown

  1. Le Clown

    This was genuinely touching… Sara contacted my top 9 from my blogroll for the Blog Scavenger Hunt, but yours came from your own doing, and brings a large fucking smile on my face.Thank you, I truly appreciate your words, and I shall share back the love in my post-birthday post (poetic, isn’t it?). Thank you, new friend. Really.

  2. Anything for you, Eric! I’m just happy I could bring you an extra birthday smile. Enjoy your day.

  3. The force is strong in this one.
    Yeah, I just nerded out some Star Wars for you and he.

  4. Happy Birthday, Clown boy.

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  6. Le Clown is the wind beneath our wings, or a pain in the ass. Either way.

    Happy birthday, Le Clown!

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  9. You’re a good blogging friend to Le Clown and many more, you know that? Good for you!

  10. Nicole, if not for Le Clown, we may never have found each other. So we at least have to celebrate him for that!!

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