Could I Ask a Favor?

I don’t consider myself a…religious person. Not even close, actually. But I do believe that positive thoughts can go a long way. So I’m not here to ask anyone to “pray” but rather to send some positive brainwaves in my family’s direction.


About two months ago we found out my grandfather was having issues with his kidneys. In and out of the hospital, test after test, phone calls from my mother updating me on his status. Then we found out it’s kidney failure. Then they said he would  need dialysis in a few weeks. That turned into one week. Then they wanted to start immediately. Eventually he will need a transplant (my father, his son, of course was the first to stand up and say “I want to be tested”). They checked his heart, everything was fine, let’s focus on the kidneys.

Then another x-ray showed something in his heart the doctor “didn’t like”. More tests. More blood work. Dialysis in between. A call last night, from my mother, “three of his valves are shot….open the fourth…stint…heart….transplant….trouble breathing”. What? The last time I saw this man he was watching me from the crowd as I nervously read a story I’d had published.

So what I’m asking, what we want, what he needs….is a lot of positive energy on his side. We’re going to visit today. So, please, my friends. If you could take a moment to cross your fingers and wish him the best, I’d be eternally grateful.



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39 responses to “Could I Ask a Favor?

  1. Done. I hope things end up okay, Nicole. I’m sorry to hear of his troubles.

    • Thank you, twindaddy. Of course I was worried, but not as worried as when I finally talked to him myself about an hour ago, and could hear how hard it was for him to breathe through the phone. Now it’s real, you know?

      • Yeah. It’s tough when stuff like that happens. I watched cancer totally annihilate my aunt back in the 90’s. It was horrible. I can definitely sympathize. I sincerely hope the doctors can help him.

  2. Le Clown

    You and yours ave all mine. Thinking of you all.

  3. Positive energy coming from here. Please be well! I’m sorry for his suffering, and everyone who loves him.

  4. You’ve got girl! Love to you and yours!

  5. I’m so sorry sweetie. Lots of love and positive energy being sent to you, your grandfather and your family. I’m so glad you’re going to visit—cherish every single moment… I’ll be thinking of you. ❤

  6. Sending every bit of positive energy I have – all your way!!

  7. A lot of love and positive thought and prayers (’cause that’s what I do) are coming your grandfather’s way. May he get better soon and may the doctors be guided in their treatment of him. And may you and your family be strengthened throughout this trial, Nicole Marie.

  8. Thinking of you and your family, my little friend. Even though you didn’t ask, I did say a teeny weeny prayer too. 🙂

  9. Marty

    Sending positive thoughts and energy! Hopefully, the doctors can come up with a plan to get him back on his feet! – Marty

  10. You got it. And it’s pretty windy here right now, so that should boost the positive energy along a little faster. Seriously though, hoping for the best and thinking of your family.

  11. Sending all our positive thoughts in your Grandfathers direction.

  12. Sending positive thoughts in both Technicolor and 3D.

  13. I’m not a “religious” person either, Nicole, but I am praying for him, and you, and all your family…thanks for sharing this, it’s hard to do, but harder to do alone.

  14. I’m sending good vibrations. Pick them up.

  15. Positive vibes are on their way…

  16. I hope my positive thoughts are not too late. Sending many your way.

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