Daily Prompt: Put the phone down!

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

Aw, man…I was really hoping I’d never be asked this question. I know I could avoid today’s prompt, but something inside me is pushing me to confess!

I don’t consider my phone a buzzing nuisance, it isn’t quite my lifeline, but it isn’t something in between either. I think it’s cozied up next to “lifeline”. Does it say something that it’s next to me right now? I’m not expecting any phone calls, yet there it is. I rarely write posts from my phone (with the exception of Early Morning Musings), but I do read other posts, creep around on Facebook, make Twitter posts, and of course text my friends. Once in a while I’ll even talk to someone on the thing! You know, the reason they were invented in the first place! For someone who can barely find their way out of a paper bag, the GPS constantly comes in handy. And the “Local” application is great too; I can find a nearby restaurant, Target, Wawa, etc. complete with reviews and directions.

This little bit of technology is one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to us! It opens us to a whole new world of fast-paced communication; it puts us in touch with one another in a matter of seconds. I feel safe being able to travel with a way to contact someone, anyone. But then there’s texting while driving. Not so good. There’s the customer who won’t look up at me while he tells me his order because he’s busy texting his girlfriend. There’s the person who walks into me because they’re looking down, completely unaware of the REAL world around them. (I find it funny my computer’s dictionary didn’t recognize “texting” as a word. With LOL and OMG now in the Oxford Dictionary, shouldn’t “texting” be somewhere in there?) It’s a blessing and a curse. But I guess that goes for a lot of things. 

So yes, I am a little obsessed with my phone. But I think there’s a time and a place for it. When someone is speaking to me, I like to make eye contact. I think we all should put down the phone more often, and breath in the world around us. We may be missing out on more than we realize.

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28 responses to “Daily Prompt: Put the phone down!

  1. You’re right. We should put our phones down. But then how would we know what’s going on on Facebook and Twitter? You just can’t win…

  2. But…but…I LOVE my phone….

  3. I actually don’t even own a smartphone, but am supposed to get one this week! I know, can you believe it? I want one, and then I don’t. It’s mixed. I think you’re right that people could take a few moments to take in the immediate world around them.

  4. So does it count as a phone if you don’t really use it for phone calls?

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  6. LOL! Hilarious article. You managed to touch on all the issues that smart phone addicts, like me, face, in a completely funny way 🙂

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  8. I was thinking about splurging on an iPhone, and then I thought better for this reason. I spent too much time connected to everyone and everything. I wish I could go backwards to a time when phones didn’t rule the planet.

    By the way, thanks for reading the guest post on ACOF. Monsieur Le Clown shut down the comments before I could respond. Poo poo head…

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  14. I don’t even have a phone!
    I just scream…..

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