I posted some Stuph!

Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous, lazy Sunday. I have to go to work. Last night, a customer came in – after we had closed – and said “I’ll tip immensely if you give me a double shot of Jameson”. My coworker agreed and poured her the shot, which she immediately spewed all over the bar and floor. She tipped $20. Oh well!

While I’ve been mostly absent over the weekend, I did stop by my good friend Twindaddy’s place on Friday for a guest post! Twindaddy has been giving several bloggers the opportunity to showcase their work on his page, and it’s a great opportunity to gain a larger following if you’re interested. And if you are, don’t hesitate to contact him. He’s an amazing person, and a hilarious blogger. So after you check out my guest post, please pour yourself a glass of wine or crack open an ice cold brew or get out your juice box and take some time to read a few of his posts. Warning: you may need a box of tissues to dab the tears from your eyes and the juice from your nose. Yes, there will be tears and laughter. He’s that good.



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13 responses to “I posted some Stuph!

  1. Why thank you kindly for your words, dearest Nicole. They mean a lot coming from you.

    And you’re welcome to post any time you like. Or I can leave words and things over here. Who knows?

  2. Wait- why did she waste the booze?!?

  3. Congratulations. I went to your guest page. I liked you poem. It was nice of him to let you guest. Even though you had ad some wine. Well, maybe that was good.

  4. He is indeed!
    And so are you, Nicole!

  5. I drank way too much Saturday, but hey least I didn’t spew, it seems guest posts are the in thing at the moment, everyone is doing guest posts on everyone else’s blog… ok not quite true but it seems a lot, I am enjoyed reading them. I just forget whose blog so whose lol.

  6. I guess I know what consists of a bad day at work for you! Poor thing. I work in a preschool, when I say it was a bad day it usually means “toileting incident!” Your guest post on Twindaddy was awesome. 😉

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