Romantic Monday – The Slack In Us

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It’s that time again! Another romantical Romantic Monday. As usual, click here to read our Ring Leader’s beautiful poetry; then scroll to the bottom of Edward’s post for links to other Romantic Monday posts. Here’s to love of all varieties!

The Slack In Us

I thought I’d drowned you out,

that persistent beating in my chest.

it’d be a tug at the strings

caught carelessly on your

back pocket.

but you couldn’t notice,

they were so long,

tangled in tiny pearls that

swung helplessly between us.

the landscape danced and

stretched before me

so I ran until my lungs gave out,

so you wouldn’t turn around,

bow your head in curiosity or

see me grabbing at the slack in us.

limbs windmilling, catching distances

I tore up the pavement trying to

catch up to the look in your eyes.


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18 responses to “Romantic Monday – The Slack In Us

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  2. I think you’re ridiculously talented.

  3. Nicole, you effin’ rock. This is awesome.

  4. Nice!
    Seems like the narrator’s attitude changes over the piece.

  5. This felt like almost losing something, and then catching it at the last minute. Someone, I should say. Thinking you didn’t want them, but realizing that you completely do. Great poem!

  6. I think this is the one and only time I’ve ever read a poetry and didn’t half ass my way through how the author had intended me to pause with intonation. Absolutely brilliant Nicole (:

  7. Another lovel poem, Nicole Marie. You are truly talented, did you know that? You have more talent than I have in my pinky finger. And that’s saying you have quite a lot.

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  9. I miss this, but not nearly as much as I miss you

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