Early Morning Musings Part VIII: Pieces of Me

I am small
I am boxed up
put me in the corner
in the one marked
sloppy like last year’s
Halloween decorations

gray coated
damp as the earth
after Sunday’s rainstorm
I am leaving the surface
all must and mist and
smoking ashes
piled high as wet leaves

I am damp I am
crumbling into tiny
cardboard pieces of me
on the side of the road
the end marked up is
staring hard at
the ground


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17 responses to “Early Morning Musings Part VIII: Pieces of Me

  1. This was very touching, Nicole Marie. Very vulnerable.

  2. Wow! Very emotional.
    Hope all is well.

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  4. If you’re a deck of cards, you’re all aces – there are no numbers and no faces. If your box is staring at the ground, the end that should be up just got flipped around, and the pieces inside remain intact, completely encased in bubble wrap.

  5. You may be small, but your talent knows no bounds!

  6. Wow….I really liked that. It sums up how we all feel sometimes.

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