Dream A Little Dream…


It’s been a while, but sometimes I have horrid nightmares.

I crawled up to bed early Saturday morning – somewhere around 3 AM – after falling asleep on the couch with a doggie curled up in the bend at my knees. I yawned and stretched out the pain in my neck from drifting off in an awkward position, kissed Joe on the forehead, and went upstairs. I woke – or at least I thought I did – around 7 AM. I was convinced I told Joe about my nightmare. But I think it was just a dream within a dream.

In this nightmare I was standing outside, a clear day, clouds in the sky, blue above me. I was on the pavement in a neighborhood I didn’t know. Surrounded by people I’d never seen before in real life, but as in most dreams you feel you know anyway. It was summer. Someone pointed upward and I looked up to see a thick stream of black smoke covering the pretty blue. Then I saw the rounded nose of the front of an airplane. Then I realized the body wasn’t attached. It was just the front. Where had the back gone? I didn’t have time to wonder as I yelled for everyone to get inside. We ran into a row home belonging to one of those people I was supposed to know. The ground shook as the nose dove deep into the ground somewhere not far from us. I thought we were out of the woods until the house began to sway and suddenly everything was lopsided. I ran for the front door and the steps leading to the pavement were gone. I jumped to the ground.

That’s when I saw it. The rest of the airplane. It looked much further away than the front had been, so I wasn’t as worried. But I held my breath as everyone else screamed and we watched it touch down somewhere we couldn’t see. Somewhere far away. But then it wasn’t so far away, as the impact caused a tidal wave effect and I watched a house buckle, move up then down like a crowd doing the wave in a stadium. I started to breath again once I thought it had finished, but the house had bumped into a large boat like pin balls and the boat bounced from driveway to street. I can’t be sure if it ran over anyone, but I just know that it did. I just know.

I woke up for good around 9 AM, to “breaking news” low on the television. This wasn’t very nice to wake up to. Horrifying, and tragic.

I was pretty traumatized for a few hours after that.


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18 responses to “Dream A Little Dream…

  1. So tragic….his poor brother jumping in after him!

  2. Just remember, some times the randomness of life brings good things too.

  3. I’ve been in similar situations. My earliest memory is a nightmare :(. It can be really traumatizing… Hope you sleep better tonight!

  4. When I was younger I always had unexplainable night mares, then my dad would always tease me and say that my doctor had simply diagnosed me with seeing ghosts as a child.. which was as comforting as it sounds. Maybe you could try the lucid dreaming 😮 sounds interesting, but I don’t quite trust my imagination..

  5. If I remember right, I want to say that dreams similar to what you describe, with vehicles crashing, etc., ties in with how in control you are feeling about your life at that time. For instance you’re in a car someone else is driving and it crashes, there’s a sense that the driver may have some control over your life and it’s not good. But I’m remembering this from back in the 70s when dream interpretation was a big fad, so who knows.

    • Maybe that’s it. Thank you, Lisa. Sometimes I find the days flying by and I’m not sure where weeks or even months have gone. Maybe it’s time to make sure I still have control of the reigns!

  6. I’ve had airplane crash dreams. Mine were of the plane falling out of the sky over Niagara Falls when I was at university when I was with my then boyfriend. Then dream was after I was divorced from my husband (the boyfriend, is this making sense?) so it couldn’t possibly happen. It was the weirdest dream, like going back in time. It bothered me for the longest time, though. I’m sorry your dream upset you. Dreams like that are horrible. So realistic.

    • It was definitely realistic. I woke up having to remind myself it wasn’t real. It’s strange, what we dream sometimes. Are they signs of some sort? Or just our brains pumping out useless thoughts while we’re asleep?

  7. I think that would have freaked me out a little bit.

  8. I don’t blame you for feeling unnerved!

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