Early Morning Musings Part IX: Level Me Out

I rise and fall

I am gradient

Tilted, tailspin

A landslide of heart and flesh

Not pitch perfect

All slant and downgrade

Of teeth and hair and memory

Crashing hills of caved-in scars

Precipitation in a desert of desires

A rock in the dark foundation

Staring up at the sliver of light

Through a crack in a sagging floorboard

Leaning, learning, level me out

I claw for inclination, for groove

For fiery ascension

Happy Friday, everyone! ❤

(And to my wonderful, beautiful blogger friends who care about me – please don’t worry, there’s nothing bad going on, I just had some burst of inspiration touching on a subject like this this morning. Maybe it’s the cold, and the snow.)





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24 responses to “Early Morning Musings Part IX: Level Me Out

  1. Happy Friday, Nicole Marie!

  2. Nicoooooooooole!!!!!!!!! How are you????

  3. I wish I had a fraction of your skill and grace, Niclel Marie.

  4. Zoiks!
    One of your best, I think!

  5. runningonsober

    Oooooh I LIKE!!! Hope you had a great week, Nicole. Have a great run tomorrow!

  6. I don’t really worry worry about you, because you have skills and talents and you’ll always land on your feet, or hands because you’re cool like that.

    Okay, maybe a little.

  7. Whoa, I love this Nicole. I don’t know how you say the word lazy and 14 mile run in the same sentence!

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  9. This is wonderful. I loved it!! XO~Jen

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