all bones, all life, all love.


all tissue

all tendons

all mine, all mine

heartbeats and heartbreaks

breath and sighs in thin skin

break the clock and stay here

will you stay here?

fingertips on lips remind me

of an ocean where I’m

breathing underwater

there are layers of you

in me

can you feel it?

you are nothing but tangible

all sweat and blood and

sweet, sweet flavor

summer in my hands

summer on my tongue

it’s on me now, it’s mine

it’s in the grooves of you

the pillow to the right when

you’ve left for the morning

in my arms, in my head

you’re here, you’re always here

all bones, all life

all love.


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11 responses to “all bones, all life, all love.

  1. Yeah, ditto, what Nick said. I love the rhythm here; it just begs to be read out loud. My favorite line: ‘you are nothing but tangible’. Wonderful.

  2. Ohhh, Nicole. So beautiful. Now I am smiling at inanimate objects again like a goofy romantic fool. Thanks for the top up. I adore “it’s in the groves of you”

    • I’m so happy to be the reason others are probably looking at you like you’re a weirdo 😉 But no, really, it makes me so happy a measly little poem of mine could make you feel like that! Thank you. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I can go with all of that.

  4. This is…awesome, Nicole. Great job.

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