So I bought this sweet journal today.

Of course I was drawn to the cover. I have many opinions. So many, many opinions.

I was creepin’ around the mall, specifically for a new nose ring since the little tiny ball on the end of my hoop fell out while I was sleeping. I’m convinced it’s in my brain now; I cannot find this damn thing anywhere. So I found the nose ring and some other jewelry (of course), and wandered into another store where I purchased this gem.

Each freshly lined page is flanked with a quote. Here’s one of my favorites:

“What can we know? What are we all? Poor silly half-brained things peering out at the infinite, with the aspirations of angels and the instincts of beasts.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

I’d love if I could get this printed on the back of a tee-shirt and wear it to work every day. Every blank page is encouragement not just to vent, but to make that day’s “definitive conclusion about humanity” (four boxes with four different pictures below them: thumbs up, peace sign, thumbs down, middle finger). I scrawled a few paragraphs down and quickly checked the “middle finger” box. The top of each page reads like this: “WHY PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT TODAY:”. I won’t share my writings in detail (they aren’t so nice) but I will share my conclusion:

“People suck. Hell is d-bag customers, morons who act like they’ve never been in public before. ‘People are like that today’ to piss me off.”

Don’t worry, the vino has put me back in my happy place. All hostile-ness aside, this journal is probably a good thing. I’ll jot down what annoys me and attempt to turn it around. Why is that person the way they are? Maybe something happened. Who knows what they’re going through? I don’t know them, they don’t know me. Maybe that woman cut me off because her husband is in the hospital and she’s just trying to get to him faster. Does it make it okay? Maybe not, but it might make me feel better to consider this. I’m still working on deciding why customers flail their hands and demand drinks ahead of others because they have a “plane to catch” in an airport, or why they answer my “how are you” with “HEINEKEN”. No really, I’m smiling right now.

Anyway, I suggest this thing to anyone. Let’s try to channel our anger and turn it into something positive. Plus it gives us some awesome blogging material, right?


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9 responses to “IMHO

  1. Nicole, this is a fabulous idea. It’s hard to put yourself in someone’s shoes, but it’s worth a shot! They always make good characters in a book, too.

  2. It’s good you have a place to vent. In your line a work, I’ll wager you get your fair share of assholes that try your patience to the limit. It’s good to let off steam so you can then think positively.

    • Eeeeeexactly, maire! I hate taking work home with me, but sometimes I do. I let these morons get to me much more than I should. Hopefully this journal will let me start looking at things in a positive light!

  3. runningonsober

    Really love this Nicole.
    You reminded me of a quote, usually attributed to Plato:
    “Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”
    There’s rarely a good excuse for rudeness, but there are usually *reasons.* And not to throw my past all up in here, but a lot of drinkers drink because they’re just plain miserable and life really sucks for them. They can’t see through their dirty window of selfishness, and can’t see the effect they have on other people.
    Not that this applies to all drinkers, but you never know which one is suffering in their own hell.
    And I know it ain’t right… but when someone is majorly rude to me, I just think, “man, it must really suck to be you.” And then, sometimes, I try to be nice anyway to them, because it might be the only kindness they see that day.
    Anyway… Good post! It got me thinking!

  4. Really nice post, I really like the ending.
    Why is people like that? Should be a MUST section on every blog, but then some could get offended and it would become a mess right?

  5. Great journal! Seems very inspiring ;).

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