Same Old Sunrise




Same Old Sunrise


it ripples this watery photograph

so thin I can feel the other side

yet I drown I lose faith

I pour myself into a paper cup

too heavy to hold so I burst I fall into the crevices

of this still born life this non-sterile guide

to being who we are how we feel

in peaks and valleys and hidden rivers

while a mountain of imperfections

stays seated on my skull

and I cannot untangle the riot of whys

in the strands of my hair

so I drink down the what ifs

and I choke on tomorrow

and the same old sunrise

and I take a deep breath

and I enjoy the scenery


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9 responses to “Same Old Sunrise

  1. Beautiful, Nicole Marie

  2. Nicole! This is awesome!

  3. You write pictures Nicole, and this one is a beautiful work of art.

  4. All I see are pyramids of your awesomeness. Maybe that’s what you’re mistaking for mountains.

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