When Laziness Attacks

Me. A lot.

You know how you start something and you get all passionate about it and other people start to get all into it too and then all of a sudden you start sucking at life and lose focus on that thing you totally enjoy but continue to think about doing it all the time, yet you stop doing it and instead do other things and get all depressed that you’re not doing that one thing you totally enjoy?

Oh, that’s stupid? Yeah, I know. I suck.

BUT – there is something very, very epic in the works that has aided in tearing me away from my blogging practically altogether lately. Okay, so maybe it isn’t really an excuse, but it definitely takes up a nice chunk of my time…and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. In the meantime, here’s some random happenings/not really happenings:

1.) I started a blog post about something I feel pretty strongly about, and it’s currently sitting in my Drafts folder. I hope to have it published by tomorrow. It’s a good one, I think.

2.) My birthday is May 31st! Presents and well wishes are accepted.

3.) I am once again exhausted and dreading another 5 AM shift tomorrow.

4.) I plan on working on a short story to enter in another contest; the deadline? My birfday!

5.) A customer told another bartender he wanted to “rip [his] face off” the other day. It was great.

6.) It’s been sticky hot in Jersey the past few days. Like stifling, body odor hot. Like the trash truck smells like corpses when it rides by and the end of the street has that wavy, sizzling heat thing kinda hot. Blegh.

7.) I love you all and I hope you haven’t turned your backs on me because I’m an unmotivated mofo. HELP!




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13 responses to “When Laziness Attacks

  1. Well if I had been upset about missing all of these posts I would have assumed it was because you were running. But since you blew that cover…. all is forgiven because I chuckled quite a few times with just this one.

  2. Looking forward to hearing what’s up.
    Happy Pre-Birthday! No idea how your blog parents had such a cool blog kid.
    Definitely not genetics.

  3. I have about 20 drafts of things I’m really passionate about that I haven’t published yet. If you manage to get yours out tomorrow, I will forever respect you.

  4. You’re allowed a little laziness after your marathon. It’s okay. You’ll get back on track soon. You will get back to your blog posts eventually (meaning tomorrow). Don’t beat yourself up. Be good to yourself.

  5. Nicole!! Come back to us!!! We miss youuuu!

  6. Happy early Birthday!
    It’s been crazy hot where I am too. It burns to step out!

  7. Don’t feel bad, Nicole, I suck too.

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