The Best Year Ever



Ah, twenty-five. It stands alone, that number, unsure of whether to take a step forward or back. It shivers in the cold while everyone else has it figured out already; twenty-five is just now finding solid ground, settling in for the night, closing its eyes and dreaming about the future. My twenty-five’s pavement may be a little rocky, but both feet are planted as firmly as they can be. This next year is all about change, and it’s all good.

Somewhere during twenty-four I lost it – motivation, I mean. I started with it packed tightly away in my chest but somehow it managed to escape and the end of twenty-four faded into a blur of day-to-day dullness and routine. The color has drained from my kaleidoscope eyes and suddenly I’m seeing the world in honeycomb shades of black and gray. But I have big plans for twenty-five; twenty-five is going to be splashes of color and light and inspiration in gusts of wind and night air. What does all of this translate to? Writing, people. Lots of it. I temporarily lost the spark, the energy, the emotion…and this has to end now These past few weeks I became best friends with my couch and my wine glass (nothing new there), and abandoned something very, very dear to me. 

So twenty-five – ahem, tomorrow – marks more than one special occasion. One year older, (hopefully) one year wiser, one more year of love and family, of life, of breath, of the chance to become who I want to be while enjoying every step.

Oh yeah, it marks one more thing too. 

My Bachelorette Party.

Guess who has two thumbs and eleven tattoos and a blog and is getting married this June 22nd to an amazing man? THIS girl. I was waiting for the perfect time to tell you guys. And now that my head has momentarily stopped spinning, here I am. I can’t wait to post pictures, and share more details with you guys. And my epic ’80’s inspired outfit for my party tomorrow night is the kewlest. Photos to come, duh.

I love you guys. Thanks for stickin’ around.




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22 responses to “The Best Year Ever


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Well hasn’t this been a great day? 🙂

  3. Congrats, Nicole. I’m so happy for you!

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy all around! So glad to see you recommit to sharing your writing…and now to sharing your life! SO COOL!! Looking forward to the pictures!

  5. Happy Birthday, Nicole Marie! And Congratulations on your wedding! May you have much happiness! We want pictures!

  6. calahan

    I hope you post a few pictures of the wedding. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Happy soon to be Wedding!

    (Best year so far. Hope they only get better.)

  8. runningonsober

    Congrats and Happy Birthday hun!

    I got hit with some blahs after my marathon too. Not sure if it was the coming down from such a high, or lack of a goal and direction, or just being bone ass tired from months of grueling training. Maybe a bit of all, like a form of post-partum depression or something? It passed after a while though, I’m sure yours will too.

    25 is a great year! And I agree with Guap, they just get better. ❤

  9. Happy everything – onwards into your future.


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