exhale everything

Searching for some writing inspiration this morning, I decided to draw some from the next song that popped up on my Pandora, and it was an awesome one.

If you’re into relaxing, sort of tranquil dubstep, check out Blackmill. I love running with their music blasting through my headphones.


exhale everything


through parted fingers

i see a landscape of you.

you are the darkest ocean

crawling up my ankles

like twine.


there is only cold

that fills me up

when i breathe you in,

howling freely at the trees

you exhale everything away.


i turn to ice under your sun

i find beauty in such stillness

it’s so silent here,

all i can listen to

is your deadening nothingness.


crawling is everything

when your legs won’t work,

there is nothing to grasp

and in pockets of warmth

i thaw myself of you.


If you decide to use your iPod/Pandora/Radio for some on-the-fly inspiration, link back here so I can read and share!





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15 responses to “exhale everything

  1. Brilliant as always, Nicole.

  2. Beautiful…both the music and the words…

  3. Damn, girl… You have such a way with words. Beautiful, as always, Nicole.

  4. Dang it, Nicole! I REALLY need to get some “day job” work done and I keep coming back to your blog and reading. Love LOVE your style. I also see that you and Christy are friends–likely partners in crime 🙂
    Keep writing away–I have plenty of procrastination I’d like to indulge in today.

  5. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

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