A tattoo! Or two…or three…

Happy First of December!

I’m pretty excited about today’s Daily Prompt, being that it’s right up my alley!

Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You?

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

I have quite a few tattoos, and the majority of them do hold some sort of special meaning for me. Only a few – so far – are simply because I love the artwork.


















This tree was the first large tattoo I had done, at age 22. I’m not sure where the want of a tree/crows came from, but I wanted it for a very long time. The branches wind onto my collar bone, up onto my shoulder and a little onto my back. People tell me it reminds them of Tim Burton, or Poe; I love them both, so that makes me happy. My tattoo artist completely freehanded this tattoo, and I am so, so happy with the results. He’s a badass.


When I had my Bell Jar tattoo done, I wrote a post regarding the whole “brag” vs. “bray” controversy; while my copy reads brag, I did as much research as I could to find out what the majority thought – and it seems to be a pretty even argument for both sides. In my opinion, either word would work here, and I happen to like brag better. So there. I even think Sylvia may have used both words, perhaps changing her mind at one point and therefore striking up a never-ending controversy. Maybe she even wanted it that way. (And if you haven’t read The Bell Jar already, it’s a beautiful read and I highly recommend it.)

For me, this tattoo is a daily reminder to appreciate every breath in my body. The idea of my heart “bragging” with every beat is beautiful to me.

zombiegirlFor me, my zombie girl is a way of revealing – and dealing – with an ugly side of myself. I got this tattoo while I was going through a horrid depression and I wanted a permanent way to remember it. It reminds me that while I was in the darkest of places, I was able to fight my way out. Should I ever be there again (I hope not), I will come back from it.






















The quill is an easy one: my passion for the written word!


I think these ones make themselves pretty obvious. 🙂

skeleton manskeleton woman









After the wedding, Joe and I also had a skeleton bride and groom inked on us – complete with our wedding date!


That quote on my back reads “The more we take, the less we become.” (Is this just a shameless way for me to plug more wedding photos? Maybe, maybe not…hehehe….) This was my very first tattoo, at age 19. It’s taken from Sarah McLachlan’s “World On Fire“. I absolutely love her. The song and the video are beautiful.

For me, this quote means the more time we spend relying on others for everything, the less time we spend building character within ourselves. Let’s not be lazy, or greedy, let’s take the initiative because it is so very rewarding.


That sugar skull on my leg down there matches one on the leg of my very best friend. Besides loving sugar skulls, I love her very much. So much so that we decided to ink our flesh with matching designs! (This photo was taken a week before my wedding, at a Color Run 5K. By the end, we’d tye-dyed the shit out of that dress!)







































THIS little beauty may just be my favorite. (Don’t mind the Xbox controller in the healed photo.) It’s an illustration from a book I loved as a kid, Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. This one comes from a short story, “The White Satin Evening Gown“. If you click on that link, you can read the story and check out how dead on my artist is to the illustration. I also recommend doing a quick internet search for other images from the book(s) (there are three volumes, I think), because they all have this same thready, creepy look, and some are really, really out there. I am in love with all of them, and I plan on starting a little leg piece with a few more.

Alright last one, I promise!


I ran my first marathon this past May, and of course I commemorated the event with a tattoo. This has always been my favorite line from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself, and I thought it fit perfectly.

I do have a few more, but these (most of what I have), mean the most to me. And I’m not finished yet!

Any tattoos/tattoo ideas you’d like to share?


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57 responses to “A tattoo! Or two…or three…

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  2. Tattoos aren’t my thing. But I do admire and appreciate good ink, which you have plenty of.

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  8. The tree indeed reminds me of Poe! It’s very beautiful. And the feather is cool too. I mean, they’re all cool, but those two are extremely cool :).
    I’m someone who can’t take decisions, so tattoos, I will never be able to decide upon it. But when they have stories, like yours, they are wayyy more likely to be beautiful forever and ever.

    (But my parents would kill me, which i a good argument against tattoos for me ;). )

    • Thank you!!! Being murdered by parents is always a good reason not to get one! Haha. 😉 And you’re right, if you’re too indecisive, definitely leave the idea alone until you think of something you know you’d love forever!

  9. Oh My Heavens! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR TATTOOS! I’m not sure which is my favorite. But I am leaning towards the quill. Jealous enough of it it to…. Well I DO LOVE IT!!!

  10. I like the quill, really good. And always find words on people fascinating. The what and why they choose.


  11. Nicole

    Ink on beautiful women can go either way, sometimes it can detract, sometimes enhance. I think your choices, placement and stories make for a spectacular ensemble…you are beautiful, they are beautiful, together the sum is greater than the parts. Joe is a one lucky guy, respect man.

    I am in the process of writing about my own ink right now so I’ll leave commenting about that stuff till I’ve posted it. Love yer work.


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  16. Impressive bicep. Quite intimidating.

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  18. I love all your ink. I have a feather on my right arm running from my wrist towards my inner elbow. It is in the colours of the pride flag. I got it to celebrate my coming out. It was my first. I have plans for many more.

  19. I will never get a tattoo. Too permanent – how do I know what I’ll like in 5 or 10 years’ time? My wife and daughter have tattoos, though. I’m not sure about them. I didn’t write an article for this one.

  20. I have a folder on my computer with ideas for two more tattoos, but I can’t draw, so I have to wait to find someone who can put the pieces together. Your quill and tattered dress are my faves of yours. 🙂

  21. Wow– loved these! I had been curious about the tattoo in your blog photo, didn’t realize you had all of these, and they are so well done. I really like the feather… and I like what you said about the zombie girl. I can dig it.
    I have two tattoos but I stopped there… They hold a lot of meaning for me regardless.
    Awesome post, and I looooove that you got married in a black dress, right?

  22. Hi Nicole,
    I don’t have a mark on me anywhere and I’m completely envious of yours! Your writing draws me in the pictures kept me there. On our honeymoon, my hubby and I discussed getting “his and her” tatoos–23 years later we are still talking about it. (Your wedding pics were gorgeous!)

  23. Love the art! I’m looking into getting one but I’ve yet to decide on which yet 😀

  24. Gosh. I love your tattoos. It’s making me want to continue covering my body with beautiful art and celebrations of times and people in my life. The dress, the quill, the sugar skull, the zombie, the bride!!! I couldn’t pick a favourite. Wow wow wow. Thanks for sharing. And you looked beautiful at your wedding 🙂

  25. Crikey, you’ve got to love that tree, beautiful!

  26. I adore when people tell the stories behind their ink. I remember an artist friend in college drafting one version after another of her first tattoo, and then crowd-sourcing a review and incorporating ideas from all her friends until what she finally got on her skin was this beautiful reminder of her entire community. My favorites of yours are the sugar skull (obsessed with them!) and the marathon tat, because there are very few of those that I like, and this is one. But the others are fascinating too – thanks for sharing.

  27. I have neither the courage nor the intestinal fortitude to get any ink.

  28. I love the picture of you and your husband dancing together.
    The Mr. and Mrs. Tatoo rings are so nice. I love that picture too.
    I love all the rest including the skeleton bride.
    I have two tatoos. A butterfly on my ankle and a red bracelet on my right wrist.
    Annie ❤

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